Dear community,

After some feedback from your fellow peers on our Discord server, we have decided to open a new discussion thread regarding torrent discounts to make it easier for all to enjoy the content you love.

Here is a list of our current plan:

1) Torrents marked as DVD/SD (DVD5, DVD9 etc) will have a 25% discount.

2) Torrents marked as Blu-ray (BD50, BD25 etc) will have a 50% discount.

3) Torrents marked as Remux will have 50% discount.

4) Torrents 100GB+ will be freeleech for 24 hours and then will go back to their respective discount rules (e.g. DVDs will go back to 25% discount and Blu-rays to 50% discount).

5) Torrents tagged as Internal will automatically be Featured and Sticked (giving them freeleech and double upload for 7 days).

6) Torrents tagged as HDTV caps will be freeleech for 12 hours and then 50% off afterwards.

7) Torrents tagged as Music will receive NO discount.

Let us know what you think of our plan and if you have any other/better ideas you would like to share, please don't hesitate to post them HERE

With love,
AsianCinema staff