Hit & Run

Dear community,

Due to the high number of users contacting us regarding Hit & Run support we have decided to make an informational announcement. This announcement should answer the important questions we have received assisting our fellow members.

What is Hit & Run?

In simple terms it's a system put in place to prevent users from removing torrents after completion and not sharing back. Private trackers like AsianCinema are all about retention and this Hit & Run system will help achieve that goal.


A user will receive a pre-warning if s(he) removed a torrent from their client after leeching at least 3% of the total file size. In the pre-warning message the user will be given the time frame they have in order to resume participation before they will be officially warned. Failure to resume participation within the time frame will result in a Hit and Run warning.


If the user has 2 active warnings they will have downloading rights revoked. At this stage the user must continue to seed their active torrents and wait for the warning period to end before they will regain downloading privileges.

If the user accumulates 3 active warnings the user will be automatically banned by the system.

Please check the Unsatisfied page under your profile (shown below) in order to see which files are pending Hit & Run checks before you remove any torrents from your client.