Staff Recruitment

Dear community,

We are currently looking for new staff members to help make ACM awesome.

* Administrator - Member is responsible for administrating the site on a weekly basis. He/she must be able to do some minor code changes in order to fix an issue/bug to keep ACM running smooth. Applicant must have at least 2+ years of administration experience running another private tracker.

* Coder - Members are responsible for further improving ACM's code base by developing new features as well as finding the best solutions to keep AMC secure and useable. Applicants must have at least 1+ years of experience in working with PHP and the Laravel framework.

* Moderator - Members are in charge of the everyday moderating of the site. Applicants must have some experience in this role (e.g. Currently mods another privater tracker, forum, site) and have good judgement skills.

* Uploader - Dedicated members who can help bring new content to the site. Applicants must be able to upload a minimum of 1TB of new data weekly.

* Internal - Members who can contribute private sources to the community. Applicants must have access to Blu-ray/DVD discs from Asian countries such as Japan, China and Korea.

Apply using the link below with a brief introduction about yourself and why you think you are a good fit for the role you are applying.

The AsianCinema Team