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Thread: Apollo News

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    Apollo News

    The Summer of Aphrodite - Part 2

    It's time for another contest! Since we did perfect FLACs twice already, we thought it would be nice to do something else this time

    What's the challenge?

    The challenge is to fill as many requests as possible. All requests, regardless of bounty or content type, count. The user that has filled the most requests at the end of the contest, wins!

    Just like last time, there will be both a community challenge, in which the entire community works together to reach certain goals, and a contest, in which the top request fillers can compete for the prizes.

    Community Challenge

    At the point of writing, there are about 8.500 requests unfilled. Let's work together to fill as many of those as we can, so we can both share the music, and make the requesters happy!

    If we manage to fill 1000 requests, everyone that has filled at least 5 requests will receive 5.000 Bonus Points
    If we manage to fill 2000 requests, everyone that has filled at least 10 requests will receive 10.000 Bonus Points.
    If we manage to fill 3000 requests, everyone that has filled at least 15 requests will receive 15.000 Bonus Points.
    If we manage to fill 4000 requests, everyone that has filled at least 25 requests will receive 25.000 Bonus Points.
    If we manage to fill 6000 requests, everyone that has filled at least 50 requests will receive 50.000 Bonus Points, and a custom title.


    To reward the members that fill the most requests during this contest, the top-3 contributors will be receiving the following prizes:

    The winner will receive a FL pick and 50.000 Bonus Points.
    The runner up will receive a NL pick, in addition to 25.000 Bonus Points.
    Number 3 will receive 10.000 Bonus Points

    Of course, these points will be in addition to those you win with the community challenge part.

    The Rules

    To avoid abuse, only requests that were created before the start of the event will count for the contest. (requests created during the challenge will count for the community challenge, however) When you fill a request, please make sure that your torrent is exactly what the requester wants. Requesters may unfill any requests that have not been filled correctly. If you think the request that you filled has been unfilled without valid reason, please use the report function and let Staff decide.

    The contest starts right now, and will end on July 23rd, 23:59 (Site time)

    Let's Filling! (Click here to visit the contest page!)
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    8.500 requests unfilled? What kind of albums people are asking for?

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