exists since 2003 (former name was, and was back then the fastest growing tracker for Japanese/Asian torrents. Sadly we had some setbacks in the past, but we rebooted it again in 2012, and have been slowly growing again.

Our new website is currently still in development, but looks very promising, and getting a lot of feedback when we deploy a new test environment.

This post is just to clearify about our tracker, and what will be coming.

Features for new AniRena site:

Visual Features:

  • Torrent site will be shown in KickAssTorrents likewise style, and later a simplified one to show torrents in single lines.
  • Completely free of JavaScript, you can disable this without breaking the website.
  • Fully W3C Validated, supported by all Webbrowsers.
  • Website is fully mobile compatible (responsive).
  • Support for languages, including Japanese viewing.
  • Sorting function for Name, Size, Age, Seeders and Leechers.
  • Hovering over Torrent name will show the full name, instead of hiding the too long text.
  • Easier searching by applying links to search keywords in the torrent name column.
  • Magnet links from NyaaTorrents since 2008 added to the tracker, since the archives didn't contain torrent files.
  • Support to add a torrent without providing the torrent iself, making it Magnet Link only.
  • You will now be able to flag torrents in case they are improper, not welcome or not what we expect on AniRena.
  • Now you can view statistics, showing the usage of AniRena, stability, uptime check of the backend tracker.
  • Comments are disabled for now, but in the future, the comments system will be linked to the forum.
  • Descriptions when uploading torrents supports MarkDown, for better styled descriptions.
  • Categories contain almost the same options as NyaaTorrents, and can be enlarged with more options if needed.
  • AniRena now supports MyAnimeList extra information, default it will try to determine what the show is about, but if wrong, can still give the proper ID from MyAnimeList.
  • Directory structure of a torrent looks much better now, showing full directories and it's files, including sizes.
  • External announce servers will be scraped for their information, will be updated on a daily basis.
  • RSS data will be more strict, following protocols more closely, including search function.
  • A recovery system will be added, when torrent(s) are deleted, they can be recovered back.
  • Search actions can also be done (depending on the format) through using a Sub domain. This only works in non-SSL basis, as AniRena has no Wildcard certificate (yet).

Internal Features:

  • AniRena will be running on the latest PHP version (7.1 now at this time).
  • Database handling moved from simple PDO queries, to ORM (Doctrine2), which makes handling the database pretty simple, and we can easly switch from MySQL to a other database package.
  • Backend scripts performance improved, by using both PHP and Jython, to make things smoother.
  • Discord now show every uploaded torrent in a specific channel, very handy to keep track on new uploads.
  • A API is in the works, to upload, edit, delete, recover and search. Information from this API will be locked for user accounts, so not anonymous requests.
  • All data is backed up to a huge storage system, encrypted and on a daily basis.
  • Performance and Security is the main goal of AniRena, and we will strife this as much as possible.

Current Website:

Development URL: