Happy Halloween!

To get everyone into the Halloween spirit, we're trying out something new this year: the AB Halloween avatar matsuri! [TL Note: That's "festival" for you poser weebs.] To take part, all you need to do is pick a Halloween-themed avatar and don it for the duration of the festivities. Then, at the end of the month, on All Hallows' Eve itself, anyone who's posted in this thread and has a themed avatar will get 2,000 sent to them from the staff departed, with a further two random participants receiving 20,000. So if you want to join in, just change your avatar and post in the thread~

Users who go the extra mile and make fancy avatars themselves (i.e. lots-of-effort avatars) and post proof will also get an extra 1,000 yen and go into the running for our graphic design category with even more yen up for grabs. The winner will also be allowed to play a "trick" on another user; to find out what that secret trick might be, make a fancy avatar and win~ More information about this category and the avatar matsuri can be found at the bottom of this post.

A further addition to our festival will be a Halloween drawing competition! Whether you're good with a graphite pencil or prefer the digital kind, now's your chance to try your hand at anime(/manga)-style drawing. Any serious attempts at such drawings that have a spooky Halloween bent qualify for participation yen and the artist behind the best-judged drawing will be given the ability to choose one torrent to be freeleech for a week. Check out the competition thread for submission details.

This year will also see the return of our second annual Halloween pumpkin carving contest, another opportunity to showcase your creative side. We've simplified things this year so there's just the one set of prizes and the winners will receive an assortment of all the usual goodies (icons, titles and far too much yen) and their pick of either AotF or AotW with the runner-up getting what's left. All entrants get a participation yen prize and if your submission is anime-related, you'll also get a boost in all yen rewards you may get~ See the contest thread for further details and submissions!

And finally, if you don't already have it, now might be time to take a second stab at the Yandere achievement (ahhaha). It's been a year since the achievement was implemented but a surprisingly small number of users have figured it out; in fact, only 0.5% of the userbase has managed to get it. So if you tried a couple of things last year and gave up, why not try again? Anyone who figures out the Yandere achievement between now and Oct 31st and brags about it in the Achievement Bragging & Discussion Thread will be awarded with 25,000! Just remember that it is still a secret achievement though so please don't speculate or give hints, and no, just like all the other achievements, it doesn't involve PM'ing staff members or doing anything that might get you in trouble. :<

As some people decided to be spoilsports we've canceled the Yandere achievement reward prematurely. - aw3

tl;dr - get yen for using a Halloween avatar, drawing competition, pumpkin carving contest, extra reward for getting the Yandere achievement..

AB Staff