Update Progress: Pending

In Progress:

CSS options.
Automatic Archive Processing.
Wiki/Rules has been cleared up of old Data and updated to current status.


New UserClasses have been added.
Torrent Category MviD was removed, UHD Categories for Movies and TV, Anime was given SD/HD Categories and last but not least the return of the Bluray Category.
Allowed Client list changes.
IrcBonus and SeedBonus have been Boosted/Tweaked and Nerfed all at the same time to reflect changes of Categories and UserClasses.
Invite forum.
RatioWatch enforcement.
Added code to support torrent filtering for uploader group and up coming archive system.


AlphaRatio Seedboxes are now immune to Ratio rules, this is to allow Users to use AR Boxes to fix Ratios, this benefits the user, the swarm and the Site all at the same time!
Request system no longer lets users receive credits for other users Uploads
Stylesheet Submission thread created for user to Submit css
Old RSS data cleaner.
Other small fixes/tweaks to tidy up code etc.