Hi, as so many of our users including all our staff use seedboxes i decided that copy pasting the download button into my client was boring.
This boring process is why many scripts and tools exist to search sites and source what you want, however for me i like to search the site, instead of pre-configuring another tool to do it for me when the item in available later.

And so the Queue system is born, its very simple next to the "DL" button on torrents page is now a "Q" button for simple Queue and "FLQ" for Personal FreeLeech Queue.

The site will now store each item per user in a queue for a MAX for 14 Days, a bearbones script can now call the torrents.php?action=getqueue page to access Queue'd requests. It works similar to the standard Gazelle Ajax pages, its AUTH'ing works identical to the torrents.php?action=download Page.

You can either use Cookies like many upload scripts, or you can use your account keys like many download scripts, here is example.

URLs are in this form: torrents.php?action=getqueue&authkey=KEY&torrent_p ass=PASS
authkey and torrent_pass are only needed IF you are not using the standard gazelle cookie method.

Click HERE to view the standard JSON replys: Show

You will either get a "response" array or an "error" array, if you get "error" just have your script stop, an "error" array will be "none" if your queue is empty or "delay" if your script is request to fast.

We use Cache to block spam requests, each request will pass back up to 8 items for your script to process and then add a 55 second delay on your next request, each time to add an item to your Queue it resets the next queue delay to 20 seconds , this is to alone Queue building to reduce the need for mass requests to AR's web server.
TorrentID's are NOT removed from the Queue system until your script downloads them, unless they get to 14 Days old, then the system will Auto purge them.

i have made an example in PHP for AR Seedboxes, i will post other users script here if they wish, but i ask all examples use AR Seedbox path so users can read/change easily.

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queue.php: Show