Hello All,

We have a couple updates and announcements to make so lets begin! No fancy formatting and colours this time

First off!
As some of you may have noticed our IRC main channel #alpharatio may be telling you that it is (Invite Only). We have increased our security on IRC to only allow registered members of AlphaRatio. To join the the main channel #alpharatio you will now need to use bot Voyager to authenticate.

Secondly, information regarding Mortal Uploads
We are now going to be allowing all Mortals to Upload for 14 days. If they can provide 20 good uploads as per the Uploading Guidelines and the Torrent Naming Guide they can request to be promoted to a Philosopher after the 14 day period. All uploads will be reviewed by Staff who will make the final decision on who will be promoted.
If you wish to participate in this, please make a post Here to enter.
*Note: If you are going to participate in this challenge, please do not just upload 20 single episodes of shows, or things that are normally in a pack.
Also, the Uploading and Torrent naming guides have been updated so please review these again to ensure proper uploads.

Thirdly, information regarding Seedbox and Donate pages
These pages have been removed from Members view while we recode the system, a post will be made once the new system is ready for use.

We are pleased to announce that we will now be giving away one seedbox a month for free to users who are in our main IRC channel. Every month a user will be randomly drawn from a pool of names on IRC and the seedbox will be awarded for 1 month.