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Budget Day 2020!!!

Now we do this in a fun way, but it is actually not funny!!
We also realize that these are uncertain times with COVID19.
And I have also decided not to do a pm on this anymore!
Simple because I hate it, and start to feel like a spammer.
But now I looked again at the balance and the bill for tomorrow..
So where there is another *** hole..
So you think: nice weather, people are happy, etc. It will be fine..
0 donors today, people we have been doing this for 13 years and know that it just needs an expensive setup to give privacy and security to our users.
A small number of donors now pay the hobby for thousands.
And the rest can help uncle P****...

This is not the idea of ​​a torrent site, it should be for everyone!!

Big/small, thick/thin, but especially for every purse!!!!

We must consist of people who donate when it is convenient, unfortunately it is not free!!!

And safety is paramount!!! For all those thousands of members!!

Best regards