Upfront the staff would like to thank the community for providing feedback on the project. Behind the scenes, we have been going over all of the changes and potential rule updates and incorporating your feedback. Everything we are doing keeps to the core principles of Aither:

1. Community First
2. High Quality Content
3. Welcoming Environment

With these in mind we are coming to a decision on the way forward. We will post an update on January 30th, with the content being removed and the times. Music is likely a category we will keep, but we have to find a fair way to limit the ability to game the BON system with smaller music torrents and better ways to moderate uploads for quality.

We are also working to make sure everyone has the ability to get any content off the site before it is removed. The timeline below, while still DRAFT, is likely what we will go with, give or take a day or two by category. You can use this to start planning what content you want to get.

We know this change is going to be contentious with some members, but the staff believes this is the right direction for Aither. We ask you to give us a chance and see where all this goes if you do not agree with it.

January 30: Final Staff decision on approved content

February 2: Implement Rules Changes/Remove Banned release group torrents/Stop allowing uploads for unapproved content

April 2: If decided remove XXX torrents

May 15: If decided remove Game content

July 3: If decided remove Software content

August/September: Establish new member rewards and retool BON rewards (We will try to prioritize this and get it done as soon as possible, Aug/Sept is latest time of implementation

October: If decided remove Books/Music content

Ongoing: Establish relationships with other trackers for Aither member rewards (invites)