Data Upload Contest (WIN A Seedbox!)

Hi folks,

This is gonna be a big contest. Hopefully we can get lots of users to seed fast, and seed forever!

So here's the contest:

  • To enter you must post a comment down below with a screenshot that shows your current user profile (your upload data).
  • Winner is the person who uploads the MOST data over the course of 30 days, starting today (22nd June 2020). Not based on number of torrents uploaded, but based on how many TB you seed. So you don't have to publish torrents to win. On the end date (22nd July 2020) I will check everyone's profile and the user with the most upload in the past 30 days (amount listed on your current profile minus amount listed in your screenshot) will win.
  • Winner will receive one seedbox from the provider of their choice up to $50. Winner will need to tell me what seedbox they want, from what provider, I will then PayPal you the cost. (If you already have a seedbox I will pay your seedbox bill up to $50, you must provide proof of invoice but you can censor out identifying information of course.)
  • If you come in 2nd place, you will receive 3 invites and 5 FL tokens from the admins and 10,000 BON from me.

I will be keeping a very close eye on these screenshots and the admins and I will validate them. If you try to cheat you will be
immediately disqualified.

So post your screenshots below, tune your Deluge (protip it's the most aggressive in the swarm), and get seeding!