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Ok dear people, here´s the deal.

Only REAL porn will go into XXX (sloppy blowjobs, anal sex, double penetration, whatever, use your judgment), ALL movies you can find on IMDB/TMDB/TVDB etc is NOT real porn. These sites does not index porn. But they do index movies with full nudity, real sex scenes etc but which have been categorized other. Like "Blu lagoon" which shows children under 10 full nude, "Caligula" which have much sex, "Love" that has real sensual sex scenes including blowjobs, fingering etc. These movies are deemed classics, sensual erotica or just mainstream erotica.

This is a staff decision mainly based on ONE single thing. We sit and stare at fast and furious, horror movies, gore and violence along with drug use, weapons and killing. These "unnatural" and "unethical" things we see as funny and cool. But the most natural thing in the world... sex and our bodies, we shall ban to a single and, would be, massive category. This doesn't rhyme. How many have been killed or hurt following their fast and furious drag races? How many have overdosed or are abusing drugs due to an early exposure from movies? How many say fuck, cunt, whore, motherfucker etc at 10 years of age due to movies? etc etc. So it was either this decision or to have only three categories... XXX, Drugs, Violence.

So to try and please everybody we are going to do like this. Use the "short description field" to write what is excessive. Don't just write 18+. Write Graphic nudity, Real sex scenes, Heavy drug usage, Strong violence, Heavy gore. Don't write a book, just these phrases or similar to what i wrote here.

Its up to each of us to find out what we choose to look at. If you cant find it on IMDB etc but are unsure, use a tiny little homemade searchengine called something like Gurgle.. or Google (always forgets the name), and find out. If you download a movie without reading what its about, what rating, look at the cover or look at the trailer etc, then the surprises are your own fault.

We will NOT enforce the "short description" thing with warnings or bans, as you know we love each and every of our members... but it might get postponed until you fill it in. The staff cant download and watch all movies nor have the time to check up all flicks. And often when someone uploads they know more about the movie than others.

The worst case scenario (that would take very much for us to do), is that a trusted uploader will loose their auto-approval rights if continuous and several excessive times place hardcore porn in animated, or comedy etc sections a.k.a deliberately misleads others for whatever reason they may have.

This is NOT a warning, this is NOT a threat... This is a new system to try and make everybody as happy as we can.

Aither Staff
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