Winds of Change

Hello there ...

OK, just because we are celebrating our 3rd birthday of when I took over ABT, there are some great bonuses arriving this month.

1. All torrents that are under VIP as of NOW will be made open download, VIP gone ...
2. VIP can be purchased once again from your Karma page, at an all time low of 5000 points for one month. (This will enable you in future to download any VIP torrents). You will however NOT receive any freeleech and / or immunity using this option, only the ability to download such torrents and you still have to seed them back to avoid Hit n Runs as buying VIP with points does NOT grant HnR immunity at all.
3. As of this month, all donators will receive DOUBLE freeleech and DOUBLE immunity times. That means that a donation will be very effective for those of you that have HnR problems or hassles seeding back.
(I have people saying but you know electricity is so expensive I can't leave my PC on and various other reasons, like HDD space etc. - if you can't abide and follow the rules, either donate to clear your problems or don't download. Simple.)
You won't even consider entering a 3-legged race if you don't have a partner, so if you can't do things the way you should, leave off doing them.
We are actively recruiting staff - yes, there is quite a bit of effort expected from you, but the perks are considerable ... for any queries do contact me or K********, we'll only be too glad to answer them.
So, to conclude, do enjoy ABT and please, if you can, do drop us a small donation, remember, this site costs money to run and give you the content that you expect. Show some appreciation once a year by donating a fiver? That's all we need to be able to run efficiently and smoothly.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this,

regards from staff