Hack Attempts

Someone is trying to hack the site and this is happening to multiple users, multiple times. Admin is aware of the problem but unsure what can be done at this time, other than block IP addresses when they are reported, but as most attempts are different IP's, this is challenging. If you have a weak password or just for peace of mind you can change your password to a very strong one, unique to this site, use upper & lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Please do not PM individual staff members for support! Send in a report, in the usual way. T*** is aware of how slow the site is running and also about the hack attempts, and he is working on the matter, but it shows how secure the site is when they can't get in. Send a staff message with the IP address(es), then one of the staff can deal with them.

Thank you for your patience in this matter and for your loyalty to 4th dimension.