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Thread: The 26 Best Torrent Sites: Ultimate P2P List for Aug 2023

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    The 26 Best Torrent Sites: Ultimate P2P List for Aug 2023

    The 26 Best Torrent Sites for Aug 2023
    There are many torrent sites with lots of interesting content. While many torrent sites are shut down now and then, there are a few that have an established history.

    Here’s our list of the top 10 torrent websites that are still active in 2023:

    1.The Pirate Bay: The Pirate Bay has been a crowd favorite for many years and is widely regarded as one of the best torrent sites. It managed to deflect countless blocking attempts, and it’s still going strong with over 18 million monthly users on the main site. However, considering the number of mirrors, that number may be skewed and can go anywhere between 20 and 60 million.

    2.1337x: Awesome torrent site for movies, TV series, and music

    3.Torrentz2: Best torrent search engine

    4.YTS: Our recommended torrent website to download HD movies

    5.EZTV: Torrent site that focuses on TV shows

    6.LimeTorrents: Superb torrent site for new releases

    7.FitGirl Repacks: The best for latest game torrents

    8.Torrends: A unique torrent website

    9.Torrent Downloads: Good torrent site for obscure and forgotten titles

    10.IPTorrents: Now for the private torrenting sites. IPTorrents is one of the biggest private torrenting sites (meaning that you’ll need an invitation to get in), boasting a big library, an active community, and virtually no ad intrusion.

    11. Bibliotik: Bibliotik is the largest private torrenting site for downloading ebooks. Whether you’re an undergraduate doing research or just looking for an obscure franchise like the Nick Stone series, Bibliotik is bound to have what you need, hence, earning a spot in our best torrent sites list.

    12. TorrentFunk: Great source of magnet links

    13. Nyaa is a dedicated torrent site for anime. Roughly 46 million anime fans pass through Nyaa every month. And it’s not hard to understand why. Nyaa has a variety of anime, from anime raw to English dubs, that are excellent and synchronized well. It can even compete with some of the best free anime streaming sites.

    14. isoHunt: isoHunt has been serving torrents to users for a long time. It has a vast library of different content that’s updated quite frequently. You should expect to find TV shows, ebooks, software, movies, games, and so much more.

    15. Demonoid: Popular and trusted torrent website among the torrent community

    16. GloTorrents: GloTorrents isn’t the best torrent site for the latest content or content with many seeders. However, if you’re looking for something specific and you can’t seem to find it anywhere else, GloTorrents is a great alternative to look for it, as we discovered while browsing through the site.

    17. RuTracker:RuTracker is a Russian-owned torrent site that has existed for eons. The site is safe to use according to our tests and the feedback from loyal Reddit users. It boasts a massive library of different content ranging from TV shows to apps. It also has obscure content, such as music production plugins.

    18. SolidTorrents: SolidTorrents is a torrent search engine that sources torrent links from third parties and serves the files to users. We found the site to have a pleasant and clean user interface that made it easy to find what we were looking for. There were multiple filters to aid us with our search, such as filtering content by year, rating, country, and more.

    19. DirtyTorrentsirtyTorrents is a torrent indexer that scrapes other torrent websites, such as YTS, for content. It has a neat interface with great categorization of content, and this is why we included it in our best torrent sites list.

    20. Bitport: Bitport relieves you of the risk of downloading torrents directly to your computer. Instead, you download the torrents to your Bitport cloud and access them from there without them ever touching your computer. This is one of the reasons we have included it in our top torrent sites list.

    21. idope: The site idope is a frequently updated torrent site with a wide variety of content, which includes movies, TV shows, music, anime, games, and more. There’s also a handy filter known as “Trending” that allows you to discover new content.

    22. YourBittorrent: YourBittorrent is a simple site that has all the latest torrents on the homepage. From TV shows to anime, you’ll be sure to get the latest releases immediately after you land on the site. This definitely earns it a spot on our best torrent sites list.

    23. AniDex:AniDex is an anime torrent website that’s updated frequently. You can expect to find pictures, audio, games, manga, and all things anime. It has a great library with subtitles but is not as vast as Nyaa. Also, it has a limited library of anime dubs.

    24. Public Domain Torrents: Public Domain Torrents is a legal site where you can download movies for free. These movies are in the public domain and listed as torrents on the website. So you shouldn’t be too concerned about breaking the law when downloading movies from this site.

    25. REDacted: RED is a private torrent tracker that boasts a massive music library (2,000,000+ torrents). Unfortunately, it being a private tracker, you’ll need to pass an interview that gauges your knowledge in music to get in.

    In some cases, you can get an invite from other members of RED’s official IIRC channel, but that’s quite rare. If you’re lucky to pass the interview, not only will you get access to an ocean of music but also a great community that’s passionate about it.

    Your downloads will be fast since all torrents are well-seeded by the community. They’ll also be safe since uploads are verified to ensure they are free of malware.

    26. MyAnonaMouse:MyAnonaHouse is yet another private tracker that’s dedicated to providing users with free ebooks and audiobooks. It has legal books, comics, music, and magazines as part of its library of over 60,000 torrents.

    Like the majority of renowned private trackers, MyAnonaHouse has an interview process that prospects have to pass to be admitted to the site. You can find available interview time slots on the site’s homepage.

    Fortunately, MyAnonaHouse is a bit lenient with interviews as compared to other trackers like RED. However, if you score an invite, be sure to read the rules carefully and abide by them. Otherwise, it’s easy to get suspended or banned.

    Torrenting itself is not illegal, but downloading copyrighted content is. It’s considered piracy and can land you in jail depending on your jurisdiction. We recommend extreme caution and steering clear of any illegal activities.
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    Great list! I'm familiar with maybe half of them but the rest are good additions to know. Thanks for this!

    I'd probably add torrentgalaxy which is curiously not present although maybe not the best but think it's good to have. Also didn't know Demonoid was still up, thought like kickasstorrents, extratorrent etc. it was a mirror of what was before.
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