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Thread: 10 Best Private Torrent Trackers 2023

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    10 Best Private Torrent Trackers 2023

    Private torrent trackers provide the safest downloads and have the best content, but getting access to a private tracker can be tricky. My team and I tested the most popular private trackers to find out which ones are worth getting an invite for.

    I only shortlisted trackers that have exclusive content, moderation policies, and great download speeds. While private torrent trackers tend to be safer than public sites, I also used a VPN when testing them. Even the most secure torrenting sites can log your activities, contain malware, or be subject to impersonation by fake sites.

    My recommended private trackers cover entertainment, software, and educational material. I ensured these trackers provide excellent torrent availability, superb download speeds, and tight moderation that prevents security risks. They’re also available in almost every country.

    1. IPTorrents — The Best Overall Tracker for Apps and Media
    IPTorrents is one of the oldest and largest general private trackers. You can find just about everything here — from non-copyrighted movies and music to free academic literature and software. The site has a growing community and nearly a million torrents.

    2. SpeedApp — Popular Private Tracker in Privacy-Friendly Romania
    For versatile content, you can go to SpeedApp (previously known as TorrentBits, ICE Torrent, and SceneFZ). Like IPTorrent, it has libraries of films, TV shows, games, and apps.

    3. REDacted — Best Private Music Torrent Tracker
    REDacted (formerly — PassTheHeadPhones) has over a million torrents for music lovers. This tracker features albums, live recordings, and songs — in lossless FLAC and compressed formats. You can also find plenty of music-related books and learning videos. The torrents usually maintain fantastic speeds too, thanks to a passionate community of over 27,000 users.

    4. AudioNews — Excellent Private Tracker for Audio Software
    Music creators and producers can find numerous production software on AudioNews. This site is full of programs for all operating systems, sample libraries, and learning materials. It also contains several video courses on web development and content creation. Around 10 torrents are added per day and over 150,000 users contribute to the site, so most torrents are always available for high-speed downloads.

    5. MyAnonaMouse — One of the Best Trackers for Audiobooks and Ebooks ,MyAnonaMouse has over 600,000 torrents including non-copyrighted digital and audiobooks, comics, and magazines. Unlike many private torrent trackers, this one has a friendly user base and responsive staff. The moderators are very strict when it comes to swearing or any other offensive language.

    6. Bibliotik — The Best Private Tracker for E-Learning
    Bibliotik features an extensive library of educational material (including freely available content) maintained by an active community of over 6,000 users. Finding information is easy; there are nearly half a million ebooks, periodicals, and scientific articles that can be explored with easy search filters. Additionally, much of the content is available in multiple languages and data formats (like high-quality EPUB).

    7. BroadcasThe.Net — Best Tracker for TV Shows and Series
    BroadcasThe.Net (BTN) is an easy-to-use Gazelle-based tracker for all your television needs. This site has nearly 200,000 torrents ranging from quality series to weekly talk shows, and around 35,000 active users. Most torrents also provide useful information about the shows and starred actors, as well as user surveys and ratings. What’s more, you can find many older (non-copyrighted) shows and international series, including soap operas from a range of countries.

    8. PassThePopcorn — The Best Tracker for Movies in Blu-Ray Quality HD film releases and obscure cinema gems are on PassThePopcorn — with plenty of non-copyrighted finds. This easy-to-use tracker has more than 35,000 active users and currently features more than 50,000 titles, 80,000 subtitles, 3.5 million total snatches, and a seeder/leecher ratio of 85.49. Plus, the monthly activity rate is over 90%, so downloads are very fast.

    9. AnimeBytes — The Best Private Anime Tracker
    AnimeBytes offers vast libraries of anime, manga, visual novels, and related content, with roughly 16,000 users and more than 141,000 torrents. You can find your favorite titles and series with translations, subtitles, and fandubs. The tracker is very strict about the content — anime that originates outside Japan is prohibited.

    10. GazelleGames — The Best Private Video Game Tracker
    Whether you enjoy AAA games or old-school classics, GazelleGames (GGN) has over 65,000 games for every platform. The larger community of over 15,000 members ensures high speeds and working executables free of malicious trackers. There’s even a whole section dedicated to making emulators for modern operating systems.
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    Oh! I really wish I could get an invitation to Bibliotik. Can I dream that they will open registrations this year-end?
    I'm also fighting tooth and nail for an invitation to TheGeeks. I tried to apply by providing ratio proofs, but it was denied because they don't accept proofs from foreign trackers. As a Brazilian, the tracker I mostly use for study materials is Brsociety (excellent!). So, I'll have to work hard to increase my ratio on Bitspyder to make sure everything is in order and TheGeeks will accept me!
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    nice to have a current and up-to-date list, thanking you @bucknacked, love your work!
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