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Thread: 1 x TorrentDay Invite GiveAway

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    Wink 1 x TorrentDay Invite GiveAway

    Hi.. 1 x TD invites GiveAways


    * Hit Like & Reputation!* Apply Here. Only for Personal use. No collectors, traders, sellers, cheaters.

    * If you don't follow the steps this means you will be disqualified.

    * Be Patient and Good Luck.

    * Don't forget to leave +1 Feedback after you receive the invite.
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    Read this VERY carefully!

    Dear @SSSWAT, thank you for contributing to our community with this GiveAway!

    Please make sure you follow these rules:

    1) After sending the invites/accounts you posted, DO NOT FORGET to announce the winners in the thread and then close it. (At the top of the thread press Administrative/Close Thread/Proceed).
    - Keep in mind that if you close the thread (while some users already applied) without announcing any winners (or even keep it open without announcing any winners) you may get banned permanently from!

    2) Keep the thread open for a while, until you find some well deserved winners. Do not giveaway your invites/accounts to the first applicants, because good (maybe even better) users may apply later.
    - The MAXIMUM period of time you can keep a thread open is 4 weeks. This is allowed ONLY for really good/rare trackers. For other, lower level trackers, 2 weeks is enough.

    3) You are allowed to BUMP your thread (by posting "still available", "I am waiting for more applicants", etc.) ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS.

    4) Last but not least, don't forget to check out THIS thread which contains some more rules and safety tips.

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