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Thread: Safety Tips Related to Trackers !

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    Safety Tips Related to Trackers !

    A lot of trackers feel invite sites are evil and would be more than happy to bring down the ban hammer on you and your entire invite tree in a moment's notice if they found out you were a member here. This quick and easy guide will help you protect your identity when doing Giveaways here on And while no system is foolproof, this can at least cut down the risk greatly.

    Tip # 1

    Do not post at the exact time you send the invite saying "invite sent to ABC". This seems like a no brainer, but I still see people posting things along the lines of "Hey just sent the invite to you!" in their threads. This is painting a big red target, any tracker can match up the times of your posts to the times of someone who coincidentally invited all these people at those exact times and find out your dark secret with minimal effort. Just stagger it a bit, or refrain from posting it at all (I personally edit a previous post or wait a bit to post). The safest way if you want to keep track is just edit the original post with a list, as you can't match up times on edits since it only shows the most recent edit.

    Tip # 2

    For stricter trackers ask them to wait a few days or so before adding feedback. Nothing is a bigger giveaway than the times on your feedbacks, a nice convenient roadmap to when you handed out invites for trackers. Most of the people here can be trusted to leave a feedback. So often times I will tell my invitees to wait a random amount of time before adding feedback (might be a few hours, or even a few days). As long as the feedback is sent within 72 hours of the invite you're good on following the rules here at, and by fudging the time a bit you can throw trackers off your trail

    Tip # 3

    If you are really concerned you can request the member delete their posts in your thread to offer even more security and protection from prying eyes, or even request that all applications be PMed to you directly, that way the public never even sees! Additionally if you do allow their posts to remain, make sure there is nothing showing that could give away their identity on trackers in their proof. It's best to hide all but the first few digits of upload/download/ratio as well as hide the entire Bonus Point number if a system is implemented. And of course always make sure your invitees are using approved image hosts (as it can protect your ip address from being logged)

    Tip # 4

    Be smart, use a different email address, username, and password for each tracker you are part of and ask your invitees to do the same. A gmail account takes all of five minutes to sign up for, and it's free. And check up on them once they register, see if their username is similar, and if so inform a mod so they can inform the user they must get a name change here (don't even think about abusing this to get free name changes, I'm sure the staff would catch on and inflict some heavy punishment on people trying that).

    Tip # 5

    Lastly, and most importantly: UNDERSTAND THE RISKS. At the end of the day no one is forcing you to give invites here. Sure it is appreciated and that's what this community is ultimately for, but when it's all said and done those are your invites and there is no guarantee that you won't be banned from a tracker you care about for something someone else does. You have to assess the possibility that you may lose your account for some reason, and think long and hard about whether that's worth helping out other members of this community for an invite. To be honest there are some trackers I have that I have plenty of invites, well known and sought after trackers that I wouldn't even consider giving out in a Giveaway on, because in those particular cases it's not worth the risk of losing that tracker. Only you can decide where that line for you is, and there will always be a risk, but if you follow the steps above you can at least cut that risk down. Feel free to add your own tips and tricks for flying under the radar!

    I did not write this, i just made small edits and posted it here.

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