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Thread: [multiOS] Automatization of download through Sonarr, Radarr si Jackett

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    Thumbs up [multiOS] Automatization of download through Sonarr, Radarr si Jackett


    Following this tutorial you will obtain an automatic download system for movies and tv shows. You will add movies/tv shows in a list, and when they appear on your desired tracker, they will be downloaded automatically.
    This tutorial doesn't cover the installation process of the required software mentioned above, because these software can be installed through different OS's.


    Jackett - This software will add to Radarr/Sonarr a big list of trackers for the automation.
    Sonarr - This software is for tv shows.
    Radarr - This software is for movies.

    You can install only Sonarr (if you want to download only tv shows) or only Radarr (if you want to download only movies). If you don't install Jackett you will be limited by Sonarr/Radarr only to RSS feed on tracker and not for all content.


    After you install the software, you have to begin the configuration:
    We start with Jackett software, because it is the principal source of finding torrents.

    Start by pressing Add Indexer:

    Look for tracker:

    Complete the fields like in the picture:

    It will test the connection to tracker:

    Now it's time to configure Sonarr/Radarr (the process is the same for both software, so i'll explain just for Sonarr):

    You have to add the indexer:

    You have to add Torzab (generic name for Jackett)

    Complete the necessary lines (you can press test for checking the connection between Jackett, Torzab and Sonarr )

    Return to homepage of Sonarr and add the tv shows you are looking for:

    After adding the tv shows you want, the list should look like this one:

    Add the client which will download the files:

    Complete the data of torrent client (in the example below it's rTorrent):

    Supported clients are these:

    After you finish, the structure that files after download will look like:

    Radarr will need the same settings as above and will look like this:

    The structure that the files are moved/copied can be modified from Settings - Media Management. Set Sonarr to look for new tv shows in the folder that is used by your torrent client for downloading the tv shows. I advise you to have a separate folder for tv shows downloaded. If a episode found on that folder which has the status ,,missing,,, it will be automatically moved to the right folder, after the structure that you selected (The default is Nameoftvshow/season/episode - name of the episode). Here you have to check that the files are not moved completely, but copied by windows or linker by linux, for as not to be sanctioned of ,,hit & run,,. Sonarr has many settings, like quality of video files and many other. Play and find out

    Have fun having all the latest tv shows & movies to your collection.
    Please leave a REP & LIKE for the work putted into this tutorial and for many other that will come. Thank you

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