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Thread: Mobile Related Tutorials & Guides

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    Mobile Related Tutorials & Guides

    Mobile Related Tutorials & Guides
    How to share files between Android and Windows using Dropbox
    How to Slim Down a Bloated Android Device
    Wirelessly Transfer Files on Android Devices With Dropbox
    How to Speed Up a Sluggish Android Smartphone
    How an Aging Sprint Device Can Reduce Your Android Phone Bill
    Want to get more likes on your photos on Instagram? Here is how
    How to Manage Your Android Device From Your PC
    How To Extend iPhone Battery Life With 9 Essential Tips
    Wirelessly Transfer Files on Android Devices With Dropbox
    How to install iOS 7 Beta?
    Easily Hide Photos on your iPhone without using any Apps
    How To Use & Get Active Socialcam 4.0 [iPhone & Android]
    Android secret codes
    How to root the Galaxy S5 on Verizon/AT&T, or just about any Android phone easily
    Use Tinfoil for Facebook to protect your privacy on Android
    How to add more camera modes on Galaxy S5 and Note 4
    How to clear a default app setting on Android
    Use the USPS mobile app to place a hold on your mail
    How to set up Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS
    How to use the new features of updated Google Maps for iOS
    Delete iPhone photos faster with Purrge
    How to Run Multiple Whatsapp Account on Your Android Phone
    The easy way to disconnect from Bluetooth devices in iOS 9
    Monitor your battery percentage from Notification Center on iOS 9
    How to Install Android Apps on Windows 10 Mobile Devices
    How to Use WhatsApp WEB on iPhone and iOS Devices
    Use Link Bubble to open links in the background on Android
    Add Chrome bookmarks to the Android home screen
    Use Swivel on Android for custom display orientations in each app
    How to use the Google Docs Research tool on Android
    Customize the appearance of Safari's Reader mode on iOS 9
    Use Split View for better browsing in the OS X Photos app
    Back up iPhone photos with new share sheet for Google Drive
    How do a Google Reverse Image Search From Your Phone
    How to Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow and When will Your Smartphone Get it?
    How to toggle battery percentage and Quick Settings in Android 6.0
    How to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android
    How to Auto-BackUp Your WhatsApp Data to Google Drive with Encryption
    How to Protect Against Kemoge: Latest Android Malware
    Find Out Which Version of Android installed in your phone
    4 Hidden Android Easter Eggs
    How to clear search history in the Google Play Store
    IPhone Tips And Tricks You May Not Know Of
    The best scanning apps
    How to save pictures from texts on Android
    How to record 4K video on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus
    working with 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus
    How to disable Live Photos on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus
    Live Photos on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus
    How to Customize Facebook’s News Feed on iPhone
    Secrets Codes of Android 2015
    3 Effective Tricks To Minimize Call Drops
    Fixing Safari View Controller
    Android Marshmallow Quick Start Guide
    Tips and Tricks for Android 6.0 Marshmallow
    How to Disable Heads-Up Notifications in Android
    How to turn off doze mode in Android Marshmallow
    Turn Off Siri On Your Lockscreen
    How to Reset an iPhone if it is Password Protected
    How to set up a mobile hotspot and tethering
    How to Use Android 6.0's Built-in (Native file) Manager
    How use block and unsubscribe on Android
    How to use Do Not Disturb Mode in Marshmallow
    3 small tricks For Getting Way Better Smartphone Battery Life
    How to improve GPS signal on your Android 6.0
    How to stop your Android from accessing your location
    How to Remove Recently Deleted Photos on iPhone
    Clear cache app data at once on Android
    Use Quick Settings to change common settings
    How to Use Peek and Pop on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
    How to disable doze mode for certain apps in Android 6.0
    How to Calibrate iphone 3D Touch in One Step
    How to Check your Android Device for All 22 Vulnerabilities
    How to turn Your Old Smartphone Into A Security Camera
    How to Create custom ringtones for your iPhone
    How to Root Windows Phone and Unlock the Bootloader to Install Custom ROMs
    How to Lower Data Usage on Your Smartphone
    How To Dim iPhone Screen Even More
    How to erase all data in your device
    How to Listen To Incoming SMS And Respond via voice commands
    Switching from iPhone to Lumia 950: How to set up iCloud
    How to share WiFi using WiFi Sense on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL
    Android App for First-Time Users
    23 Smartphone Tricks
    How to Run Multiple Android apps on Windows and Mac OS X Simultaneously
    Beginner's guide to Android
    Free TV on your android or big screen. MUST SEE !!!
    How to fix an iPhone 6S that suddenly dies
    Android shortcuts
    How to boost your Android phone's battery life
    How to enable Emoticons keyboard on Apple iPhone iOS
    How to Not Lose Your Data if You Forget Your iPhone Password
    Adoptable Storage: Android 6 hidden feature
    How to Add Websites to your Android home screen
    How to Upgrade Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile
    How to print from your Android phone or tablet with Google Cloud Print
    Useful Android voice commands
    6 strategies for mastering navigation on an Android or iOS
    How to Use Apple's iMessage on Android Phone
    How to Free Up Space on Your Android Device
    How to listen music from YouTube on your phone with screen off
    How to Tell If Free Apps Are Dangerous
    [How To] Fix The Red Tint Display On Galaxy S8
    10 Android Developer Options Hidden Features For Advanced Users
    Best iPhone Hacking Apps And Tools (2017)
    More than 1,000 Spyware Apps Found On Android App Stores , How to Protect yourself
    How to Remove Ads from Android Apps ( simply awesome , works )
    How to set up a VPN on your smartphone
    Easy-to-Use Apps Allow Anyone to Create Android Ransomware Within Seconds
    How to Protect Your Android Devices from Ransomware Attacks
    How to download Kodi on an Android tablet or smartphone
    Everything You Can Do With the Files App on Your iPhone or iPad
    How to check your Apple iPhone's battery health?
    How to Unsend a Message on WhatsApp
    Firefox 58 for Android : how to enable Quantum CSS engine
    How to delete WhatsApp messages that you sent
    How To Safeguard Your Phone Against Spyware
    How to Protect your Android device from Hackers?
    How To Download A Torrent On iOS 11 For iPhone
    A guide to Android Browsers - What you need to know
    How To Turn Your Old Phone Into A Security Camera.
    How to mute groups or friends on WhatsApp
    How to download android apps to your computer easily?
    Screenshot Guide for All of Your Apple Devices
    How to Download Custom Ringtones.
    How To Bypass Fortnite Mobile Jailbreak Detection On iOS 11
    Guide: Best free movie apps for Android for some freeloaded entertainment
    How to Free Up Space on Android With 'Files Go'
    How to Stream PC Games to Your Phone or Tablet (Even iOS)
    How to Print From Your iPad
    How to disable Google News notifications on Android
    How to block automatic media downloads on WhatsApp
    How to hide media from individual chats in the Gallery on WhatsApp
    How to use Waze instead of Google Maps with Android Auto
    How to enable Site Isolation in Chrome for Android
    How to Fix “Unlock iPhone to Use Accessories”
    How to change the WhatsApp Wallpaper
    Guide: How to stream Live Tv Channels on your Android Smartphone
    How To Download ShowBox APK File and Install on Android Device
    How to Enable and Use Gesture Android Pie’s Gesture Navigation
    How to Stop Android Apps Opening by Themselves
    How to Create Boomerang Videos on an Android Phone
    How to Fix Mobile Data Not Working on Android
    How to prevent Google from recording location-based information on Android devices
    How to link Android to Windows 10 (with YourPhone by Microsoft)
    How to Add Multiple Stops in Google Maps
    How to Disable and Customize Notifications in Android Oreo
    How Do I Use the Android TV Remote Control App With SHIELD TV
    Five Ways to Free Up Space on Your Android Device
    The Complete Guide to Improving Android Battery Life
    How to enable the dark theme in the Android YouTube app
    Check IMEI International
    How to disable notifications on Android's lock screen
    How To See Your iCloud Calendar on Android
    How to Use Group FaceTime on the iPhone and iPad
    How to Use My Photo Stream on Your iPhone and iPad
    How To Use a PlayStation 4 Controller with Your Android Phone or Chromebook
    How to Set Up and Use Handoff on Your iPhone and iPad
    How to Start a Group Chat in iMessage on iPhone and iPad
    How to Sync Notes for iPhone and iPad
    How to Disable and Deactivate iMessage on iPhone or iPad
    How to Take Screenshots on an iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max
    How to Make Your iPhone Easier to Use With These Hidden Accessibility Features
    Guide: Reduce Android battery drain on Wi-Fi
    How to Run Ping (Network Diagnostics) on Your iPhone
    How to Use Animoji on the iPhone X, XS, and XR
    How to Quickly Switch Apps by Swiping on the iPhone X, XR, XS, and iPhone XS Max
    Guide: The Best Note-Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad
    How to find out if an Android app supports custom shortcuts
    How to Use Action and Share Extensions on iPhone and iPad
    How to Unzip a Zip File With Your iPhone or iPad’s Files App
    How To Put Your iPhone or iPad Into Recovery Mode
    How to add App Store and iTunes gift cards on iPhone and iPad
    Apps Optimized: Facebook Messenger tips & tricks for iOS and Android

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