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Thread: Computer Related Tutorials & Guides

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    Computer Related Tutorials & Guides

    Computer Related Tutorials & Guides
    Enable Task Manager disabled by Administrator or Virus in Windows
    Understanding Computer Error Messages
    What's the Best Way to Share Files with a Nearby Computer?
    Learn to build a PC in under two minutes
    Changing MAC Address of the Computer
    Can you make Undeletable Folders ? Yes u can :)
    Recover your deleted files
    How to Upgrade the Hard Disc Drive in Your Mac mini
    File Types
    Bits & Bytes - The Difference
    Build Your Own Simple Linux Banking Tool
    Computer Assembling Step by Step | Computer Building for Beginners | How to Assemble
    All Things Appy: Top 5 Language Tools for Firefox
    How to Make Windows 8 Look Like Win 7 on Your PC
    All Things Appy: 5 Best Windows 8 Apps for the Home
    10 Windows 7 Secrets, Tips and Tricks you didn't know!
    5 Free Data Recovery Programs
    How To Know If Your Computer Error Is Caused By Hardware Or Software?
    How to Send an Email with Any From Address
    Looking For The Best Internet Speed Test Site To Use? Read This Review!
    How to Use the Windows Snipping Tool to Create Screenshots?
    Fixing Hard Drive Errors in Windows 7
    How to Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Windows 7 Users
    How to Uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows ?
    Make USB Bootable: The How to Guide
    Ways to Quickly Close Your Browser
    Prevent Windows Update From Automatically Restarting Your PC
    Windows 7 Jump Lists Fix and Tricks
    How to change startup background Image windows 7
    Easily Control Your Computer Remotely with LogMeIn
    Notepad Tricks: Cool Notepad tricks for Windows
    Convert FAT32 to NTFS Without Formatting or Losing Data
    Editing a Photo Using Windows 7 Paint
    How to Take a Screenshot With Windows 7
    Quick Tips for Keeping Your Desktop Clean
    10 Ways to Keep Hard Drives from Failing
    How To Turn On WiFi In Windows 8 With Command Prompt
    64 tips to make windows 7 faster, secure, easy to use
    How to create your own customized run command
    7 ways to speed up your computer
    Top 10 Tips To Improve System Speed
    More Guide to File Types
    Windows 8 tips, tricks and secrets
    How to Increase the Copying Speed of a File?
    How to free gigabytes of HD space you didn't know you had
    Enable Auto login with Windows 7
    How To Have 100% Of Your Bandwith
    Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts
    Boost Windows 7 Tips
    How to buy a good graphic card ?
    How to change your ip on Windows 8 (4 Easy Steps With Pictures)
    Windows7 "God mode"
    How to Upgrade your Computer to Windows 8
    50 Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know
    Keeping Your Computer Clean + Running Cool
    How-to join avi files in Ubuntu (or any other Linux flavor)
    How to Check Your PC Security Working Properly Or Not
    How To Block Or Unblock Websites Without Any Software
    Windows 7 Run Commands
    Top 20 Tips To Keep Your PC Faster
    How To Pin A Hard Drive To Your Taskbar
    Turning off System Beeps
    Create Shutdown/Restart icons Windows 7
    Windows 7 "Godmode"
    Text to Speech
    How to Flush your DNS for Various Operating System Platforms ?
    Customize your Mac with Terminal commands
    Increase Speed in Your Connection
    Windows Update: Windows 8.1 Most Asked question
    Use your Android Device to Control Torrent Downloads on your Main Computer
    How to change your Dropbox password
    Get helpful contextual pop-up menus on your Mac with PopClip
    Automatically mute background tabs in Chrome
    Guide to using Google+ Auto Backup
    How to change your Dropbox password
    How to attach real files to Gmail messages, not just links
    How to use Stacks and document tags together in OS X
    How to attach real files to Gmail messages, not just links
    How to set up and customize Stacks in OS X
    Nine Finder tips for OS X Yosemite
    Use Bartender to turbocharge your Mac's menu bar
    Six tips for organizing your Mac's menu bar
    Six tips to get the most out of Fantastical 2 for Mac
    Exploring the new Photos app in Windows 10
    How to Create Your Own Windows 10 ISO / DVD - The Alternate, Faster Way
    Fast Windows Startup: Remove Another OS from Boot Options
    How to Fix Windows 10 Update Installation Failure Error 80240020
    Here's the Easiest Way to Trigger the Windows 10 Upgrade
    How to Speed Up the Windows 10 Upgrade
    How to stop windows 10 from spying on you
    Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense Explained: Actual Security Threat You Need to Know
    Disable all Windows 10 Privacy Issues with Just One Click
    Improve Your Windows Virtual Machine's Performance
    Automatically Save Files OneDrive Windows
    How Toggle Disable Laptop Touchpad Windows
    How To Install Windows 10
    How to Completely Remove Internet Explorer in Windows 10
    How to Make the Windows 10 Taskbar Completely Transparent
    How to hide windows recovery partition which got visible after upgrade or refresh.
    How to Access the Old Desktop Wallpaper Changer in Windows 10
    How to extend your Wi-Fi network with a power line adapter
    How to Fix Error Code 0x80c8043e in Windows 10
    How to Use Emoji in Windows 10
    Automatically log in to your Windows 10 PC
    Activate GodMode in Windows 10
    Change the Windows 10 log-in screen background to a solid color
    Print to PDF in Windows 10
    How to sideload apps in Windows 10
    Use OneDrive to fetch files not saved in your OneDrive folder
    Windows 10's 'secret' Start menu
    How to set different wallpapers for multiple monitors in Windows 10
    Get the old Windows volume mixer back in Windows 10
    How to quickly shut down Windows 10
    How to adjust Chrome's default zoom settings
    Windows 10's 'secret' Start menu
    Three Ways to Make the Windows 10 Start Menu a Lot Faster
    Remove the “Get Windows 10” Icon Forever with GWX Stopper
    How to Block Windows 10 from Downloading Drivers and “Realistic” Icons
    Here's How You can Turn Off Windows 10's Keylogger
    How to Remove Windows 10 Installation Files from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs
    How to Remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10
    How to Bypass Gatekeeper in OS X
    How to Fix Cortana and Start Menu Critical Error in Windows 10: Remove Antivirus
    How to delete a hard-drive partition on a Mac
    How to use Split View in OS X El Capitan
    Wiggle to find your cursor in OS X El Capitan
    How to hide the menu bar in OS X El Capitan
    Browse better with Safari's new tools in OS X El Capitan
    How to Manage Files from the Linux Terminal
    How To Remotely Copy Files Over SSH Without Entering Your Password
    How to Use the Ink Equation Feature in Office 2016 to Write Equations
    6 Ways to Open Windows Task Manager
    How enable the Secret Mode in Windows 7
    How to find free Wi-Fi anywhere in the world
    How to Use the New Task Manager in Windows 8 or 10
    How to Activate GodMode in Windows 10
    How to add tabs to File Explorer in Windows
    Windows 10: How to get the most from the command prompt
    7 tricks for windows 10
    How to Hide Inactive Windows on Your Mac
    How to use your Mac instead remote Bluetooth keyboard
    How to Record App Videos on Windows 10 Using Game DVR
    How to Remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10
    How to Printing to PDF in Windows 10
    10 must-have Windows 10 apps
    How to use Wi-Fi Sense in windows 10
    How to set up a local account in Windows 10
    Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Computers
    5 Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts
    7 tips and tricks for Microsoft Word
    How to install Chrome browser the right way
    Windows 10 Build 10565 has Colored Title Bars, Here’s How to Get it
    How to get Windows 10 Insider builds on the Surface Book
    10 Microsoft Word shortcuts
    Downgrade/ roll back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 from Windows 10
    10 Useful RUN Commands on Windows
    12 Helpful Windows 10 Tips, Tricks and Tweaks to Try Out
    Effective “Windows Key”
    USB Flash Drive Buying Guide
    Useful Excel keyboard shortcuts
    11 secret features Mac OS X El Capitan
    Making Windows 10 Feel More Familiar
    How to Use the Option Key on the Mac
    Use the Automatic Maintenance Feature in Windows 10 to Keep Your PC in Good Shape
    How to Customize the Windows 10 Start Menu
    How to stop the Windows 10 Upgrade
    How to Assign a macro to a button in Office
    Change the display language in Windows 10
    PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts
    How to enlarge display text in Windows
    How to Change the Default Program for Any File on Windows
    How to Copy and Paste Faster in Word
    Microsoft Keeps Backup of Your Encryption Key on its Server — Here's How to Delete it
    How to Reset Your Windows Password
    Finding the Windows Key Without Any Software
    How to Manage Windows 10 Notification and Upgrade Options
    How to Fix Windows File Type Associations
    What to Do When Windows Update Gets Stuck or is Frozen !!
    How To Disable The Sign-In Screen Background Image In Windows 10
    Block & Uninstall All Updates That Force The Windows 10 Upgrade
    How to Find the MAC and ip Address
    How to search photos easier in pc
    3 Windows tricks
    Get An iPad Like App Launcher On Windows
    How to restore Hibernate mode in Windows 10
    How to keep charging your USB devices when the computer is in sleep mode
    How To Delete Your Facebook Password Stored By Windows 10
    How to check for bad RAM
    Windows 10 Started Showing Ads on LockScreen — Here's How to Turn It OFF
    How to stop Windows 10 from Automatically Updating Your Computer
    Disable Windows 10 Tracking and Telemetry Without Affecting Functionality
    How to Get a List of PCs and Other Devices on Your Local Wired/Wireless Network
    How to add a Hibernate option to the Windows 10 Start menu
    Easy and Secure Ways to Remotely Control Computers via LAN or Internet
    How to Get a List of PCs and Other Devices on Your Local Wired/Wireless Network
    Here's the Easy Way to Recover Forgotten Wi-Fi Passwords
    How to install .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 (IN WINDOWS 10 )
    Run Vanilla macOS Sierra in VMware Workstation 12 on a Windows Host
    Screenshot Comparison Guide [Windows]
    Prevent Windows 10 From Automatically Downloading Updates
    How to Recover deleted files and photos
    How To Free Up To 20GB Space After Windows 10 Creators Update
    How To Download True Bloatware Free Windows 10 Creators Update
    How To Enable A New And Secret UWP File Explorer In Windows 10 Creators Update
    How To Speed Up Windows (10) Using ReadyBoost And USB Drive
    f.lux and How to use it to save your eyes (Windows, Mac, Linus)
    TOR Anonymity: Things Not To Do While Using TOR
    How To Compress And Extract Files In Linux | Tar, Gzip, Gunzip Commands
    7 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives For Free
    How To Use RAM As Hard Drive? How To Create RAMDisk?
    What the Coming USB 3.2 Standard Means for You
    How to find and clear hidden Windows Caches
    How to properly back up your computer
    How to check your Windows 10 PC for memory problems
    How to free up more space in Windows
    How to change DNS settings on a Windows 10 PC
    7 Ways to Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode
    How to tell if your computer is secretly mining cryptocurrency, and what to do about
    How to protect your PC from CCleaner hack
    How to keep your boot drive organized
    How to download and install macOS 10.13 High Sierra right now
    16 Finder Shortcuts Every Mac User Should Know
    How to Remove old Windows file after Fall Creators Update installation
    How to delete downloaded Windows Update files
    How to find out if your Intel system has vulnerable Intel Manageability Engine
    HP Silently Installs Telemetry Bloatware On Your PC—Here's How to Remove It
    How to change the language of Microsoft Office
    How to allow only manual updates on Windows 10
    How to remove iTunes DRM with Tuneskit for Mac
    How to enable Strict site isolation mode in Google Chrome
    How to fix Google Chrome black screen issues
    How to remove the keylogger from your HP laptop
    How to find out if your Windows PC is affected by Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities
    Ho to fix Windows 7 BSOD 0x000000c4 after installing KB4056894
    How to improve the performance of Windows PCs with Nvidia hardware
    How and When to Defragment Your Hard Drive in Windows 10
    How to enable System Protection / Create a Restore Point in Windows 10
    How to disable online tips and videos in the Windows 10 settings app
    How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10
    How To Restore Windows 10 To An Earlier Restore Point
    How to remove adware from your PC
    How to fix Boot BCD startup errors on Windows PCs
    How to enable extensions in Microsoft Edge's InPrivate Browsing mode
    How to disable the Microsoft Office Upload Center
    Guide: Free Download Manager Software For Windows To Download Files Faster - 2018 Ed.
    How to disable "What do you want to do with" in Microsoft Edge
    How to disable the touchpad of your Windows 10 device when you connect a mouse
    How to install optional updates on Windows 10
    How to set up Remote Desktop on Windows
    How to display hidden files in Windows 8 and 8.1
    Fix: Windows couldn't be installed. We couldn't update the system reserved partition
    How to Play Retro Video Games
    How to configure Telemetry settings on Windows 10 devices
    How to remove drive letters in Windows
    How to use netstat in GNU/Linux
    Guide: Best Torrent Clients For Windows To Download Torrents In 2018
    How to delay the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update
    How to download 25pp app store for pc fast
    How to enable the Ultimate Power Plan on Windows 10 Pro or Home
    How to make a LiveUSB from within GNU/Linux
    How to enable pre-release features on Windows 10 Insider Builds
    How to get Windows 10 version 1803 today
    How to get the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update early
    How to extract email addresses and other data from files on Windows
    How to remove Open With programs in Windows
    How to disable automatic drive optimization in Windows 10
    How to Remotely Troubleshoot Your Relative's Computer
    How to Install and Manage Fonts in Windows 10’s Settings App
    How to View and Improve Your Game’s Frames Per Second (FPS)
    How to configure the lockscreen display timeout on Windows
    How to Set Up a VPN in Windows 10
    How to use a Ram Disk in Windows
    How to configure the Windows 10 Tabs (Sets) feature
    How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows
    How to Change Your Computer Name
    How to play a sound when you activate special keys in Windows 10
    How to monitor your Windows PC's performance while playing games
    How to bypass the "unsupported hardware" barrier of Windows Update
    How to map or disable mouse buttons 4 and 5 on Windows
    How to grab an offline copy of Microsoft Windows Live Essentials
    How to search the Windows Group Policy and look up Registry keys
    How to monitor the latency of a Windows PC with LatencyMon
    How to use Android Messages on the desktop
    How to center Windows 10 Taskbar icons and Start button
    How to change the number of rollback days for Windows 10 feature upgrades
    How to customize font sizes without scaling in Windows 10
    How to Free Up Hard Disk Space on Windows 10
    How to Check Your Hard Drive's Health
    How to open the Device Manager in Windows 10
    How to disable media autoplay in Microsoft Edge
    How to fix Windows restarts when you select shutdown
    How to save all Windows processes to a text file
    How to Use Safe Mode to Diagnose a PC Problem
    How to disable the touchpad of the Surface Pro
    How to disable Windows 10 hiding scroll bars
    How to restore the Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10
    How to download Microsoft Store apps
    How to remove Bitdefender Agent
    Setting up Apache, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin on Ubuntu 18.04
    How to monitor changes to drives, files, and Windows Registry (with FRSSystemWatch)
    What to Do When Your Windows Laptop Slows Down
    Lubuntu - Fast user switching | Hide the porn on your screen a second
    How to Lock the Mouse Speed on Windows with KeepMouseSpeedOK
    What is the Windows.old folder, and how do you get rid of it?
    How to test hard drives for bad sectors (with Hard Disk Validator)
    How to control the volume of individual Windows programs (with AppAudioConfig)
    How to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life
    How to disable the Windows 10 "Hi" animation on first sign-in
    How to monitor folders on Windows (with Folder Monitor)
    How to migrate 32-bit Thunderbird to 64-bit on Windows
    How to unlock all Windows 10 TTS voices system-wide to get more of them
    How to remember window sizes and positions in Windows - with WindowManager
    How to start Windows in Safe Mode
    5 Ways to Speed Up Your PC
    How to Enable the Dark Mode Theme in Windows 10
    How to show hidden files in Windows 7
    How to Restore a Missing Windows Desktop
    How to block Windows 10 from preloading Microsoft Edge on Start
    How to set a custom Recycle Bin size on Windows
    How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10
    How to Hide Your Name and Email Address on Windows' Login Screen
    How to Make Windows 10 Look and Feel Like Windows 7
    How to configure autoplay on Windows 10
    How to hide the volume on-screen display on Windows 10 devices (with HideVolumeOSD)
    How to fix Windows Update related issues & more (with Reset Windows Update Agent)
    How to use Tags to organize files and folders (with Tagstoo)
    How to Remotely Install Microsoft Store Apps to Your Windows 10 PC
    How to prevent laptop CPU Throttling (with Throttlestop)
    How to block reopening of Programs on Windows 10 start
    How to download and install Windows 10 Feature Updates
    How to hide Programs from the Uninstall interfaces in Windows
    Workaround for no audio, bluescreens issues on new Windows 10 version 1809
    How to change the Windows 10 license (with License Switch)
    How to close programs at a specific time automatically (with Autoclose)
    How to replace Notepad with Notepad++ in Windows
    How to change network names on Windows 10
    How to hide Settings on Windows 10 (with Win10 Settings Blocker)
    How to configure Windows Defender (with ConfigureDefender)
    How to remove stutter in Windows 10 games (with Intelligent Standby List Cleaner)
    How to add Path Copy options to Windows Explorer (with Path Copy Copy)
    How to Change the Windows 10 Update Download Folder Location
    How to Set Up and Manage Apple Pay on Your Mac
    How to Perform a Clean Boot in Windows
    How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to Your Mac
    Unzip and uncompress files on a Raspberry Pi
    How to improve the readability of Windows console windows
    How to Set Up a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse on Your Mac
    How to use Emoji’s in Windows 10
    Windows 10 - Muffling Cortana’s ears (How To)
    Windows 10 - Slide to Shut Down (Create Shutdown Button on Desktop)
    How to Fix "My Webcam Doesn’t Work on Windows 10" issue
    How to Fix "My Microphone Doesn’t Work on Windows 10" Issue
    How to Create and Use Sticky Notes on Mac
    How Do I Open a Port on Windows Firewall?
    How to Stop Windows 10 from Reopening the Last Open Apps on Startup
    How to Fix Corsair Mouse and Keyboard Issues on macOS and Linux
    How To Turn Off Automatic App Updates from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10
    How to Reset the Printing System on Your Mac
    How to Enable or Disable a Windows 10 User Account
    How to Change Your Password on a Chromebook
    How to Make Your Mouse Pointer Easier to See in Windows 10
    How to Disable the Your Phone Linking Feature on Windows 10
    How to Check When Your Windows 10 Build is Expiring
    How to Zoom In and Out on a Chromebook
    How to Defrag Your Hard Drive in Windows 10
    How to assign graphics performance preferences to Windows 10 programs
    How to Update Your Drivers in Windows
    How to Mirror Your Screen in Windows 10
    How to Make Your Own Windows 10 Theme
    A Compilation of Command Prompt Tips, Tricks & Cool Things You Can Do
    Reinstall Windows 10 Without Deleting Your Software, Files or Settings

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