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Thread: Anonymization Of Bittorrent Traffic Through Proxy

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    Anonymization Of Bittorrent Traffic Through Proxy

    Proxy is the easiest and most feasible option to set up among all the option of hiding the Bittorrent Activity. BTGuard was never a wonderful service must only the most viable one. Private Internet Access, a VPN Provider, is providing a proxy very much the same as BTGuard but this one is faster and has a much improved customer service. Upon downloading or seeding a torrent, one attempts to get tied up with a clump of people named swarm to whom your IP address is visible. Unfortunately, in addition to the file sharers, Piracy monitoring groups too are now a part of that swarm, they notify oneís ISP of oneís activities by logging the IP address.

    A proxy funnels traffic, which is the Bittorrent traffic, for the Bittorrent swarm to show the IP address from their side instead. Here, the proxy server of the private internet access happens to be in Netherlands. Ergo, oneís ISP canít send a complaining letter as you are rendered not contactable by the anti-piracy groups. A very good anonymiser that do not keep logs is to be used so that the anti-piracy groups cannot figure out what we are downloading, leaving no trail of the activities you do. Our connecting to a proxy service is seen by our ISP and a sharing of file by a proxy service is all the piracy monitors get to see. If one encrypts the Bittorrent traffic that is recommended, our usage of Bittorrent wonít be visible to our ISP. Though this idea sounds immaculate, there are a handful of hindrances to it.

    • Firstly, anonymity is not free, it charges and can charge a lot. Private Internet access can cost around 7 $ each month or almost 40 $ for a year. Though it ainít that expensive, itís worth it.
    • Another important drawback is the download speeds extended will decrease significantly. When the connection is run from another server, speed decreases negligibly or considerably depends on the torrent we are downloading , from the source we are downloading and other miscellaneous factors. The popular torrents maintained at 3.4 MB/s when a proxy is put into work while the not so popular torrents slowed down to 500- 600 kb/s from 1 MB/ sec ,thus varying mileage.
    • Proxies arenít supported by each and every Bit Torrent client. On windows, uTorrent works great but Transmission doesnít support proxies for MAC and Linux, thus the usage of Deluge or Vuze instead is recommended.
    • No process is 100 % valid. The usage of a proxy might make you anonymous but nothing can be said with surety unless Bit Torrent is avoided entirely.

    Here is what needs to be done in order to get started - Setting up of a private internet access proxy: Setting up of a proxy is like shooting fish in a barrel, one has to sign up for a service and needs to keep an eye on a few boxes in the Bittorrent client. For windows, uTorrent and private internet access will be used but other options can be opted, whichever suits our setup fine. The process involves four steps

    Step One: Sign Up for Private Internet Access
    Step Two: Generate a Proxy Password
    Step Three: Configure Your BitTorrent Client
    Step Four: See If It's Working

    Other ways to anonymise BitTorrent traffic are:

    • VPN (Virtual Private network) usage.
    • Rent a seedbox
    • Ditch Bittorrent altogether.

    Source: torrentus
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    Thanks for info

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    Thanks, nice guide.

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