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Thread: YouTuber dad ‘CJ So Cool’ suspended for playing brutal prank on his kids

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    YouTuber dad ‘CJ So Cool’ suspended for playing brutal prank on his kids

    A DAD has been temporarily suspended from YouTube after clips of him playing cruel pranks on his children were labelled “child abuse” by a cyber-bullying expert.

    Cordero James Brady runs the YouTube channel CJ SO COOL, which has over 5.6m followers.

    His channel is monetised, meaning he makes cash from likes and views.

    The father of four regularly vlogs about his family, and often shows elements of their luxury lifestyle (such as moving into a “mansion” and buying a flash car).

    It has proved a lucrative business for the Brady family, due to the fact that their channel has almost a billion views.

    But the patriarch of the Brady family recently came under fire for one particular prank video, in which he feeds his children laxatives.

    This particular video got the self-professed “King of Pranks” temporarily banned from the platform and the clip in question has been permanently removed.

    According to, the prank involved him hiding laxatives in bowls of ice cream, which he then feeds to his unsuspecting children.

    Shortly afterwards, the video shows his children in tears and wailing in pain. “My stomach hurts,” screams one.

    “Oh my goodness, this boy’s stomach is broken!” jokes Brady. In separate bathrooms, they sit on the toilet crying, trying to close the door on him as he continues to hold the camera on them.

    While this particular video has been removed, others remain, where he cuts their hair and pretends to feed them dog faeces.

    In one rather brutal video he sets off fireworks in their room as they sleep.

    As his children start crying, Brady laughs, saying “it’s a prank because they think somebody was shooting!”

    In “drowning baby prank” he pretends to his partner, Royalty, that her infant daughter has died in the pool. As she comes running out the house, Brady shouts: “It’s a prank, sucker!”

    In another clip he destroys his son’s beloved PlayStation 3.

    The gaming console was eventually replaced with a PlayStation 4, but not before the child had a violent meltdown in his bedroom, lashing out at his sister who was in on the joke.

    Proving that nothing is sacred or private, he also posted a video of his wife Royalty’s miscarriage. The clip shows her devastated and barely conscious in a hospital bed after surgery.

    In an interview with babe, a child abuse expert condemned Brady’s channel as “horrific.”

    Dr Kortney Peagram, founder of Bulldog Solution, an anti-child abuse organisation, said: “harming your child on purpose with laxatives is child abuse. That’s child endangerment.”

    She added: “That [Brady is] harming his children and bullying them to pull pranks on each other is really disturbing.

    “He’s modelling inappropriate behaviour and encouraging it by laughter … He’s teaching his children that it’s OK to harm each other for a good laugh.”

    Following the article, YouTube released a statements, saying “content that endangers minors is unacceptable to us and we have strict policies prohibiting child endangerment and harmful and dangerous content. We remove content that violates our policies as soon as we’re made aware of it.”
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    What an asshole...

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