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    World’s GPS systems could COLLAPSE on April 6 in Y2K-like bug

    A TERRIFYING computer bug could crash markets and close ports by wrecking the world's GPS systems next MONTH.

    Experts fear the Y2K-like glitch could spark chaos for millions by resetting calendars on old computer systems on 6 April.

    Cybersecurity expert Bill Malik said he wouldn't dare flying on the day the glitch is set to wreak havoc.

    He told Tom's Guide: "The effects would be more widespread because so many more systems have integrated GPS into their operations.

    "Ports load and unload containers automatically, using GPS to guide the cranes.'

    "Public-safety systems incorporate GPS systems, as do traffic-monitoring systems for bridges.

    "Twenty years ago these links were primitive. Now they are embedded. So any impact now will be substantially greater."

    Officials have already warned businesses to update their technology - but only a fraction are though to have complied.

    The US government last April posted a memo called 'Upcoming Global Positioning System Week Number Rollover Event' warning manufacturers about using primitive systems.

    Brit GPS manufacturer FalTech warned: "'Some GPS receivers, or other systems that utilize the date and time function, may not be able to cope.

    "Financial markets, power generating companies, emergency services and industrial control systems may be affected, as well as fixed-line and cellular communications networks.

    "Since this is the second time a GPS week rollover will occur, many manufacturers will have been aware of it in advance and newer receivers will continue through and beyond the rollover date without issue."

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    well.....damn...... I survive off my GPS for like a week when going to a new place. this will be fun if it actually happens. gotta go buy a state map now lol.

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