WEDDINGS are stressful times and a potential minefield of awkward situations.

From the seating plan, venue, guest list and colour scheme, there are numerous opportunities to upset someone.

One of the most prestigious roles, bridesmaids and maids of honour, often have special duties at weddings.

But it doesn’t always go to plan, with these women sharing their horror stories of why they got demoted and disinvited from weddings.

Ranging from costs, family feuds to allergies, it seems no one is safe.

Writing on twitter, one woman said: “Once got uninvited to a wedding because the couple had picked lavender for the flowers and I informed the couple I was incredibly allergic to lavender.

“They wanted the flowers more than me."

Another wrote: “This happened to me 8 years ago and I was floored!!!

“The friendship could not be saved. It was the worst!!

“But I still had to go to the wedding because they left my husband a groomsman."

This former maid-of-honour said: “I was asked to be MOH in my bffs wedding about 12 years ago and then when I lost my job I was kicked out of it because me losing my job was adding too much stress to the bridezilla.

“Paid 180 for dress and couldn't return!”

But one maid-of-honour may have got what she deserved, as a wedding guest revealed: “I’m in a wedding this coming month where the Maid of Honour was asked to step down.

“It was bad enough that she refused to buy her dress or help with planning, but the final straw was that she demanded that guests be removed from the wedding guest list because she didn’t like them.”

This woman was not impressed when she got downgraded.

She wrote: “I was asked to step down as bridesmaid, along with another, when the groom's party reduced by two.

“We still participated by opening the barn doors for the bride during the processional, but wore the same dress as the 12-year-old flower girl.

“We were both in our early 20s.”

This friendship weathered the wedding storm, with this student revealing: “I was demoted from being a bridesmaid when I was a uni student because I couldn't afford the dress (£150).

“The costs were being footed by the couple rather than parents etc so I understood but it was still a shame.”

This woman needs an award for staying friends, saying: “I was demoted to BM from MOH less than 2 wks before my friend’s wedding b/c her sis had hurt feelings.

“I had planned all parties & completed all MOH tasks. Bride wanted to keep wedding costs down, but my poorly fitted dress cost me more than her dress!

“Still bffs today though.”

Bizarrely, it seems this bride didn’t like kind gestures.

One woman shared: “Got completely shunned by my ex-closest friend whom I'd known for 25 years, because I was going to throw a surprise hen night (paid for by me incl flying her sis from other side of the world) for all the people at her engagement party.

“Still baffled why that was so offensive.”

Another friendship which didn’t survive, this mum wrote: “I was demoted from bridesmaid and my son from a page boy.

“All because I think the other older bridesmaid had a "quiet" word as she wanted to be center of attention.

“Was still invited but my kids weren't. Very awkward day all round and friendship never been the same.”

But this woman’s story may take the biscuit, with this woman shockingly revealing: “Disinvited and no longer required to help bride dress on morning of wedding due to my own fiancé dumping me days earlier for my supposedly ‘best friend’ (who was then invited in my place).”

We certainly hope some of these women got refunds... or revenge.