A WOMAN has revealed the gruesome scars she suffered after being stabbed 17 times by her best friend in a "50 Shades-style" sex game.

Sarah Holden, 25, was tied down on a bed before Shaunna Littlewood drove a 12-inch kitchen knife into her chest while whispering "sorry princess".

Littlewood, 26, was jailed for life after admitting to attempted murder.

But speaking out about the horrific attack, Sarah said she still couldn't understand why her childhood pal had attacked her.

The young woman said: 'I long to know why Shaunna attacked me but I doubt I ever will.

"She not only ripped our friendship apart but she also literally ripped me apart too."

Sarah suffered internal bleeding close to her heart, a punctured lung and required more than 50 stitches to her face after the rampage in July last year.

She was also scarred for life, with her vocal chords so badly severed during the attack she is unable to speak properly.

Speaking from her home in Sheffield, South Yorks today, Sarah said: "I hope I can eventually meet her in prison to ask her the question, why did she stab me - simply so I can find a way to get some closure on it all.

"I’ve been left with my own life sentence. I have a broken body, wrecked nerves and shattered dreams."

Recounting the fateful attack, Sarah said the friends, who had met when they were just seven-years-old, had met up at Littlewood's home in Dewsbury, West Yorks for a girlie weekend.

Sarah said they hadn't seen each other for a long time, chatting through the night.

She said: "We had drinks together and chatted the night away – making up for lost time - but something happened and I leaned to kiss Shaunna.

"It was crazy because I’d never fancied Shaunna. I loved her in a very different way, but something just came over me and I couldn’t stop myself.

"When we kissed I pulled away to ask her if she was sure, as I feared it would make our friendship awkward if she didn’t feel the same way.

"But I was amazed when she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. Shaunna lay me down on the bed then she looked me dead in the eye and asked if she could tie me up.

"I was so taken over in the moment that I agreed, so she bound my arms and legs to the posts of her bed using our dressing gown cords."

But the encounter turned violent when Littlewood left the bedroom - returning with a 12-inch knife.

Sarah said: "I just remember feeling a searing pain tearing through my leg and seeing a flash of silver.

"I wanted to cry out for help or to beg her to stop but my tongue felt thick and heavy in my mouth and try as I might I could barely make a sound."

The young woman woke up in hospital, badly injured and even unable to speak.

Now, she is on the long road to recovery, hoping to take her life back after the attack.

Littlewood was ordered to serve a minimum of seven years before she would be considered for parole.

She had previous convictions for a 2014 attack in which she stamped on another woman’s head.

Defence lawyer Catherine Silverton said Littlewood had no memory of carrying out the attack on Miss Holden and added: “She has described herself as a monster - she will never drink alcohol again."

Sentencing Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, told Littlewood: ''You pose a serious danger to the public. It was a motiveless attack, but had an element of premeditation and persistence.”