A FURIOUS shopper has told how she was turfed out of a bustling US mall because her shorts were deemed too sexy and men were getting over excited.

Gabrielle Gibson, 19, revealed she was window shopping when a security guard confronted her and claimed her outfit was inappropriate.

The teen was wearing her "Daisy Dukes" to the shopping centre as it was a particularly scorching day, but she was soon targeted for her fashion choice.

Speaking to Mirror Online, Gabriella, who lives in Alabama, said: "It made me feel humiliated to be honest.

"I have been shamed and called every name in the book. I was just trying to have a good day and walk around the mall.

"They didn't have to throw me out. It's a sad day when grown men can't control themselves. I just don't want anyone feeling like I did."

After the incident, she shared a photo of her summer outfit on social media - claiming she was harassed just because "grown men couldn't contain themselves."

She also told how she was hassled by a security officer who she claims was staring at her butt.

"I told them I have bigger thighs and it's just to hot for jeans that I can't help they ride up a bit," she said. "They went as far as to threaten to call a police officer."