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Thread: Wife played Ed Sheeran tracks to drown out sex noises

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    Wife played Ed Sheeran tracks to drown out sex noises

    A HEARTBROKEN wife was left devastated when she found out her cheating husband was moving his mistress into their marital home.

    Tracy Arthur, 54, was then forced to live under the same roof as her hubby and his lover.

    While her husband, Andrew Arthur, cooked for and canoodled with the other woman, Tracy confined herself to her bedroom.

    She even had to blast Ed Sheeran to drown out the sound of their loud love-making.

    She said: “I had music on the whole time, always Ed Sheeran, because I was so desperate not to hear them together in the next room.”

    "I had to stay in my bedroom because they took over the house. I would get home from work and go straight to bed."

    Tracy says she lived on takeaway sandwiches that she ate in bed so that she could avoid the couple.

    The Arthurs, who had been married for 15 years, started to see cracks emerge in their relationship when Tracy suspected her husband might be having an affair.

    Last October, she noticed that her husband, Andrew, came home with what looked like a love bite on his neck.

    He claimed it was from play-fighting with his friends but Tracy soon found incriminating messages on her husband's iPad that proved he was cheating.

    Andrew then accused Tracy of having an affair herself and asked her to leave their home - owned by his parents - so that he could move his new lady in.

    Tracy said: “I had already lost my marriage and now I was going to lose my home. I couldn’t believe it."

    To keep a roof over her head, Tracy obtained an emergency occupation order at Worcester Family Court, in January.

    This allowed her to remain in the Redditch house until April.

    After months of the unconventional living arrangement, Tracy was eventually able to move into a two-bedroom flat on April 7.

    She is currently undergoing counselling, taking anti-depressant medication and waiting for her divorce to be finalised.

    Husband, Andrew, called the events "90 per cent not true."

    He admits that he invited his mistress to move into the house while Tracy was still living there but said: "We weren't actually even living as husband and wife, you know."
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    To be fair, the guy couldn't keep it hard with Ed Sheeran on the background.

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