A FATHER of two has been killed by a herd of cows while trying to save one of his dogs.

John McNamara, 67, was trampled while walking his pets in fields near his home.

His widow Alison Read — who has two daughters with John — claimed the cows were being “protective” of their calves.

Unlike most herds, they had not been separated after birth. Alison, 57, said: “My husband, throughout this time of year, dreaded coming across the cows. What really saddens me is that his greatest fear was the cows and that fear is realised — they killed him.”

John, a retired biology lecturer, and his oldest dog Soleil were fatally injured in Forest Row, East Sussex, on Monday.

It is thought John, who volunteered at a local OAP centre, saved his two younger dogs from being attacked before going back to try to rescue his 13-year-old golden retriever.

The cows are owned by Tablehurst organic farm. No one was available for comment yesterday.

Alison said: “How many have to die before somebody says, ‘Let’s put a bit of electronic tape up?’.”