THIS is the vile moment a thug peed on boxes of Christmas chocolate at a supermarket.

The man wearing a black puffa jacket, jeans and trainers did not even notice that Sainsbury's shoppers were filming his foul antics.

Disgusting footage appeared to show urine splattered on the shop floor all around him.

For at least ten seconds, the man pressed his head against his chest in an apparent bid to make sure he urinated on all boxes.

He had peed so much, that shoppers could not even pass through the vegetable aisle to get into the chocolate section.

And some had to cover their faces while complaining of a smell.

At least seven boxes of Lindt, and Cadbury's Milk tray Christmas chocolates were ruined.

It is not known if he was escorted out of the store.

It comes weeks after a Waitrose delivery driver was sacked for urinating into bottles in the back of his van while delivering fresh food.

He was caught out when cleaners complained after repeatedly finding wee-filled bottles in the van.

The driver was based in Birmingham. Ocado delivers food for Waitrose and Morrisonsas well as its own brand goods.