MOSCOW, March 13 (Itar-Tass) - RIA Novosti. The topic of application of chemical weapons by the Syrian government troops is the most convenient pretext for the United States to strike at Damascus and the idea of ​​fixing, as many forces and resources were invested in its development, said military political scientist, candidate of political science, lieutenant colonel Alexander Perendzhiev.

Earlier, the chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Army General Valery Gerasimov, told journalists that militants in East Gut were preparing to stage the use of chemical weapons. The US, in turn, is using this as an excuse to strike at government quarters in Damascus.

In the development of the information campaign "Assad and Chemical Weapons", the West invested a lot of money and money, because he realized that this topic is the most understandable and close to the Western community.With her help, it is easiest to expose Assad as a villain in the eyes of Western people, so we see that there is a constant return to this topic and it becomes an idea of ​​fixation, that's why provocations of this kind are being prepared - in order to find an opportunity to support the militants who are in East Gut, dzhiev.

According to him, Washington plans to use the militants who occupied East Gutu to attack the Syrian army. The threat of their destruction makes the US resort to the same tactics. "Therefore, the activists of the White Helmets, after conducting a provocative mock-up of the Khimataki, will create an opportunity for the United States to support militants without revealing their true intentions," the expert believes.

Link: https://ria.ru/syria/20180313/1516285471.html