TWO elderly golfers died on Christmas day after their wives 'rammed' them into a fast-flowing river with an electric cart.

Sung Jun-yong, 68, and Ha Jae-oong, 76, were killed when their golf buggy was pushed off a tiny wooden ferry in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

It was reportedly forced into the muddy Nan river by a vehicle driven by the men's wives.

Both buggies were instantly sucked underwater - but nearby fishermen were only able to rescue the two women.

Over 50 rescue workers were involved in a painstaking search-and-rescue effort for the husbands.

One body was found 1.2 miles downriver last night, while the other was discovered "floating near a temple" by villagers.

District police Lieutenant Colonel Suwat Suawatmontri said: "Their wives were able to swim, but I think the cause of drowning was the strong undercurrent."

The two couples arrived in Thailand on Christmas Eve for a golfing holiday.