White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has come under fire about Donald Trump’s “hypocrisy”, after a young boy who has been bullied for sharing the same surname as the President was invited to his State of the Union address.

On the eve of the President’s speech, National Public Radio host Rachel Martin asked Ms Conway if it was hypocritical for Mr Trump to extend an invitation to Joshua Trump, claiming the President had a poor track record of “cyber-bullying people whom he disagrees.”

The younger Trump is an 11-year-old boy from Delaware, who is in no way related to the President.

“Is the President going to mention Joshua in his address?” Ms Martin quizzed Ms Conway.

“And in doing so, will he apologise for his own role in cyberbullying people with whom he disagrees?”

Ms Conway attempted to respond, saying the story about Joshua had “pulled the heartstrings” of parents in the US.

Ms Martin then repeated the question.

“Will the President apologise for how he’s used the internet to bully people?” Ms Martin asked.

Ms Conway dismissed the question.

Martin pressed her attack, saying: “There is though some hypocrisy, people have pointed out, to inviting a young man who has been bullied (and) to ignore the President’s own role.”

“Are you denying that he uses the internet to bully people?” Ms Conway was asked.

Ms Conway said Mr Trump used social media to “cut through middlemen who don’t tell the truth about his record.”

Joshua’s parents claim students in his class called him an “idiot” and “stupid” for sharing the same name as one of the world’s most powerful men. They claim the bullying began in 2015, when Donald Trump first announced he would be running for office.

The bullying became so bad that his father, Robert Berto, pulled him out of school and home schooled him for a year.

When Joshua became old enough to go to middle school, the family re-entered him into the mainstream system but they say the bullying started again.

“They curse at him, they call him an idiot, they call him stupid,” his mother, Megan, told ABC News.

“He said he hates himself, and he hates his last name, and he feels sad all the time, and he doesn’t want to live feeling like that anymore, and as a parent that’s scary.”

Joshua has started using his father’s last name, Berto.

He was one of 13 people who were invited by the president and First Lady Melania Trump.

Melania has been vocal about the dangers of online bullying via her “Be Best” campaign and has chosen to highlight the issue at the SOTU by inviting Joshua.

Mr Trump regularly attacks his political opponents with aggressive tweets.

The White House said Joshua was “thankful to the First Lady and the Trump family for their support.”

The Trump’s other SOTU guests include the children of a couple allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant and a recovering opioid addict.

The family of 81-year-old Gerald David, and his 80-year-old wife, Sharon, who were found murdered in their home, will be among Mr Trump’s guests.

Wilbur Ernesto Martinez-Guzman, 20, has been arrested in connection with the Davids’ killing.

The couple’s daughter, Debra Bissell; their granddaughter, Heather Armstrong; and great-granddaughter, Madison Armstrong, will be in attendance as Mr Trump touts stronger borders as part of his legislative agenda.

Ashely Evans, a recovering opioid addict who relapsed after she gave birth to a daughter in 2017, will also be in attendance,

She wants to share her story of hope.

On February 9, Ashley will celebrate one year and one month in recovery and on February 15, she will be reunited with her daughter full-time.

Judah Samet, a member of the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh, will also be attending the State of the Union.

Samet, a Holocaust survivor who immigrated to Israel after the Second World War and fought in that country’s War of Independence, avoided death after arriving four minutes late to the synagogue.

He was stopped by police for parking in a handicapped spot. By the time he had arrived to the synagogue, the shooter, Robert Bowers, 46, had already opened fire.

During the president’s speech eyes will be on dozens of female Democrats who are dressed in white to show solidarity with women.

The politicians outfits are a nod to the suffragette movement of the early 20th century.

Dozens have lined up to pose for photos ahead of the speech.

Leader of the Democratic Women’s Working Group, Brenday Lawrence, said: “Today we stand together wearing white in solidarity with the women of the suffrage movement who refused to take no for an answer.

“To an administration that has closed its eyes to women, we will be seen.”

Men will also be given white ribbons to wear during the address.