US President Donald Trump offered the EU a mutual refusal of duties to ensure market freedom and "fair trade." The main expert of the agency "FinEk" Mikhail Belyaev on air radio Sputnik predicted the reaction of the European Union to this proposal.

US President Donald Trump offered the EU a mutual refusal of duties to ensure "fair trade."

"The European Union is coming to Washington on Wednesday to agree on a trade deal, I have an idea for them, and the US and the EU are giving up all duties, barriers and subsidies! call it a free market and fair trade, I hope that they will do it, we are ready, and they are not! " - Trump wrote on Twitter.

Minister of Economy and Finances of France Bruno Le Maire said last Saturday about the actual beginning of the "trade war" between the US and Europe. He made this statement during the meeting of the financial "twenty" in Buenos Aires. As reported, the minister noted the need for the US to take the first step to a dialogue, without which the European Commission can not formulate its proposals.

The main expert of FinEx agency Mikhail Belyaev on Sputnik radio broadcast suggested how the EU can react to the idea put forward by Donald Trump.

"I think Europe will not do it, because the general situation is now that the deepening of trade disagreements - we will not say the word" war "- is continuing, it is a matter of principle, and this is not a matter of desire: I want to - I do not want. the world, when the world actually splits into zones of influence, now we see only the beginning of this, the first steps.Of course, we can expect some kind of mitigation of approaches, but there is no total refusal, "believes Mikhail Belyaev.

The US has earlier introduced increased import duties from third countries, including EU countries, steel and aluminum products. The reaction of the European Commission was not long in coming: a dispute was opened in the WTO with the United States on these tariffs, additional duties of 25% on the import of a number of goods from the United States into the EU were introduced.

In addition, US President Donald Trump threatened the possibility of introducing an import duty of 20% on cars from the European Union.