A MUM died in her daughter's arms on Friday after she was flung 60ft in the air and damaged her spinal cord when she cycled over a pothole.

Carolyn Dumbleton, 52, went into cardiac arrest after being hurled into the road, fracturing the top two vertebrae in her spinal cord last Sunday in Ashover, Derbyshire.

She was initially put into an induced coma and placed on a ventilator - but was taken off life support yesterday after scan results showed no brain activity.

Carolynís daughter Samantha Dumbleton, 25, paid moving tribute to her in a Facebook message.

Samantha wrote: "I laid in my mums hospital bed and held her close to me till the very end and told her to be brave and not to be scared and that it was OK she could rest now.

"My mumís organs are being donated and she is saving lives as I write this and that makes my mum a hero!

"I love you mum now forever and always, don't worry I got things from here."

She wrote in a previous message: "With a very broken heart I tell you that even though my mum put up the fight of her life her she simply isn't going to wake up.

"All the tests have been done and all the results reviewed by all the specialist doctors and they have said that due to the injury in her neck and spinal cord that caused the cardiac arrest her brain was simply starved of oxygen for too much time and therefore she is not able to wake up."

Samantha says the paramedics worked really hard to try and get her heart pumping again whilst airlifting her to hospital.

Carolyn, an active cyclist from Lincoln, was injured while riding over a manhole cover inside an unmarked six-foot wide pothole.

She was airlifted to Northern General Hospital in Sheffield for treatment after her heart stopped beating.

Samantha said: "My mum couldn't see it - it knocked her out straight away.

"We think she landed on her head and neck.

"My dad was ringing the ambulance and some people driving past gave her CPR.

"Me and my dad would like to thank all the people that stopped to help her on the side of the road, especially to the couple that were taking it in turns to give her CPR."

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Samantha added: "She was wearing a helmet at the time, and my parents would always encourage people to ride their bikes properly.

"They would stop cars if they were driving too fast or tell people who were on their phones and riding a bike at the same time."

Derbyshire Police are now investigating the tragedy.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said: "We were sorry to hear about this accident and our thoughts are with Mrs Dumbleton and her family at this difficult time.

"We're in discussion with the police about the circumstances of the accident."