A BRITISH model accused of tying up, beating and raping a woman in Majorca has been described as a “party animal” who is “well liked by girls.”

Dylan Rogers, 26, from Ballywalter, Northern Ireland, appeared in a Spanish court on Friday accused of carrying out an attack at a flat in Palma earlier this week.

The Sun Online has spoken to a neighbour in the seaside village where “6ft2in burly bodybuilder” Rogers grew up.

They said the Brit, who has modelled in the past, comes from a “lovely” family and is popular with girls.

The local, who does want to be named, said the accused used to play for Ulster under-19 squad rugby squad before moving out to party resort Magaluf where has worked for “about five years.”

They told The Sun: “He comes from a lovely family, has three or four younger siblings.

“Dylan is a very popular lad. He’s big guy and has always been well liked by girls.

“He’s funny and definitely not shy. He’s the life and soul… and enjoys the spotlight.”

The local said the 26-year-old has “model looks” and is a “bit of an actor and comedian” describing him as a “party animal.”

Speaking about his life in Spain, they added: “He loves the sunshine and the lifestyle out in Majorca and is hardly home at all.

“He has been away for about five years, living out there. He has no plans to come home as far as I know.”

Rogers is pals with rugby player Blane McIlroy, a former Ulster teammate, who was cleared of exposure earlier this year in a high profile rape trial.

The woman who has accused him of carrying out the alleged attack was taken to hospital with bruising to her arms, legs and face, according to reports.

Cops held Rogers at a neighbouring flat after securing a warrant after negotiators made a failed bid to persuade him to hand himself in.

He was led into court on Friday in shorts and a T-shirt with his head bowed.

The judge is thought to have remanded him in custody, although court officials could not be reached for comment to confirm the outcome of the hearing.

Police sources confirmed the alleged rape victim appeared to have been physically assaulted as well as sexually attacked.

They were called to the crime scene at around 4.30pm on Wednesday and made the arrest in the early hours of Thursday.

One insider said: “She was bound with insulating tape and had bruises on her legs, arms and face."

Rogers has not been charged with any crime yet, as is normal in Spain where charges are only laid shortly before trial.

The woman is said to have alerted police after freeing herself from her binds.