A THUG bit a relative's nose three times because she forgot to buy everything on their Aldi and Iceland shopping list.

Jason Driver, 39, flew into a rage when the woman came home with some grocery items missing, a court heard.

The relative, in her 50s, left the house in Cambridge hoping he would calm down.

But he followed her outside, yelled at her again and bit her nose three times.

The woman had been shopping at Aldi and Iceland - which are both at the end of the street where she was attacked.

She suffered minor injuries in the grocery list bust-up on May 31.

Driver pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm when he appeared at Cambridge crown court last week.

He was jailed for 15 months and slapped with a five-year restraining order.

PC Steven McCorquodale said after the case: "Driver is a violent man with a short temper.

"The attack was unprovoked and left the victim understandably shaken."

Last Sunday two Christmas shoppers were hurt in an alleged hit-and-run as Tesco customers rounded on suspected shoplifters in the car park in Rickmansworth, Herts.

In November video showed a foul-mouthed mum punching and spitting at Aldi staff as they tried to stop her leaving the store in Milton Keynes.

A month earlier, a teen thug who filmed himself savagely beating a Morrisons worker to amuse his mates on Snapchat was jailed for two years.