TOMMY Robinson has been threatened with legal action over claims he made about a teen Syrian refugee who was allegedly bullied at school.

The far-right mouthpiece, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, could face a defamation suit over videos and Facebook posts he made about the 15-year-old.

Footage of the teen being pushed to the ground by an alleged bully went viral last year.

In the clip, the Syrian boy is seen nursing a bandaged arm before he is knocked over by another pupil at a school in Huddersfield.

He then has water poured in his face as the alleged attacker sits on top of him.

Robinson, 36, whipped up fury after claiming on Facebook that the Syrian teen had earlier attacked three girls and a boy.

He added that he was angry about the boy being presented as a "victim" - saying: "lots of Muslim gangs are beating up white English kids."

Robinson's posts on the Huddersfield incident were viewed up to 900,000 times each, according to The Guardian.

The claim was accompanied by a screenshot of a message from a mum saying her daughter had been bullied.

But the same woman later posted on Robinson's page that the boy in the video was not the bully.

He later admitted that he had been "had".

Jamal's family lawyer, Mohammed Akunjee, posted on Twitter: "Mr Lennon (Tommy Robinson) will have received by today our ‘letter before action’ with respect to (the) defamation claim against him.

"He has 14 days to respond."

Now, Mr Akunjee has repeated the threat of legal action - after Robinson's intervention allegedly forced the Syrian schoolboy's family to move following a slew of hateful messages.

He told The Guardian last night: "Our submission is that Mr Robinson, in tandem with Facebook, engaged in defamation of our client and these the claims were repeated numerous times across the world."

More than £10,000 was raised from members of the public to support legal action against Robinson.

Lawyer Abdulnaser Youssef wrote on the fundraising page: "As a result of Lennon’s false remarks and their wide online circulation, (the boy) became the focus of countless messages of hate and threats from the extreme rightwing.

"The police informed (the victim) that there was an increased risk to the safety of he and his family; as a result, he and his family were forced to relocate."

Several videos were removed from Robinson's Facebook page in November after the schoolboy's family said they would sue.

Robinson later said he had been "had", adding: "How embarrassing, man."

This week the former EDL leader was permanently booted off Facebook and Instagram - while Labour deputy leader wrote an open letter to Google bosses demanding YouTube bins his videos.