A group of swingers have revealed salacious details about their taboo lifestyles as part of a program that aims to debunk myths and misconceptions around fringe groups in society.

The program - which is titled 'You Can't Ask That' and airs on ABC - brings together a number of individuals from particular subcultures, before presenting them with a series of what would normally be considered socially unacceptable questions.

'What was it like losing your swinging virginity?'; 'How did you talk your partner into this?'; and 'Have you learned any good tricks?' were just a few of the shocking things that the swingers were asked during Wednesday night's episode.

But despite the incredibly intimate nature of the queries, the participants seemed happy to bare all, with each offering up candid, shameless responses.

'I was only 18 when I met [husband] Andrew: he was pretty much one of my first sexual partners,' explained Sally, from Melbourne, as she recalled the line of thinking that led her to adopting the swinging lifestyle.

'As the wedding date slowly crept up on us, I sort of felt the pressure of, "I haven't had any other sexual experiences, I haven't played with anyone else,"' Sally noted - before revealing that it was actually a co-worker who suggested she take a non-monogamous approach to her relationship.

Now, she and Andrew regularly participate in consensual sex with multiple partners at once - although it isn't just the act of being intimate with other people that spices up the couple's life.

Indeed, the duo named 'jelly wrestling' as one of the most exciting aspects of the swinger lifestyle, along with things like 'getting naked in front of a lot of people' and 'the raw lust of it'.

Other interviewees, meanwhile, addressed what might be considered by some as the less appealing elements of swinging.

'I enjoy watching Lawrence have pleasure,' Jess, from Sydney, insisted when asked how she handles seeing her romantic partner have sex with another person - although she did admit that she had felt pangs of jealousy over the years.

'I'm not going to say I don't get jealous, especially in the early days... because, you know, I compared myself to that girl and I was like, "How did she do that?"

'[But] I think just being able to communicate that with Lawrence has taught me... I don't have to be jealous. I can just appreciate and love him and love her for what they're doing. And do it better sometimes.'

Wolf, from Casino in northern New South Wales, was similarly enthusiastic about being a spectator.

The goatee-sporting, fedora-wearing swinger told his partner Kat: 'The first time I looked at you with someone else I'm like, "That's sort of floating my boat... that sort of turns me on."'

Megan from Brisbane, meanwhile, took a more straightforward approach, describing swinging as being 'like live porn'.

Megan, a single female, is known as a 'unicorn' in the swinging community because of her lack of partner; earlier in the interview, she referred to her sexual proclivities and engagements with other people as a 'learning experience'.

And she wasn't the only one to take stock of the educational benefits.

In addition to opening up about what they most enjoy about swinging, each of the participants shed light on the various tips, tricks and positions that they have picked up through their varied sexual encounters.

These special skills included the ability to 'squirt', as well as learning a plethora of rather mind-boggling sexual positions including the 'Texas oil rig' and the 'blind unicorn'.

But beyond the physical acrobatics, several of the swingers also reflected on how they have learned to become better, more generous sexual partners in the time that they have spent being intimate with others.

'The first thing you need to do if you want to make life better in the bedroom for you and your wife is pay her more attention,' said Mr D, from rural Western Australia.

'Ask her what she wants, and do what she wants, even if you're not really that interested in it... trust her, let her do it.

'What's the worst thing that can happen, you know? It could be fun.'

When it comes to swinging, it seems, mutual respect and satisfaction is key.

'It's actually very beautiful and very empowering as a woman to go into this environment where consent is so crucial and so valued,' said Sally.

According to Wolf's partner Kat, it also provides an environment for people from all walks of life to explore their various kinks and, above all, to enjoy themselves.

'[Swinging's] just fun,' she said. 'It's like going to an amusement park.'