MAKING A Murderer Steven Averyís "love letters" to his former fiancťe are revealed for the first time - exposing his creepy list of demands and sinister threats.

In one letter to his ex, Lynn Hartman, obtained by Sun Online, the convicted murderer writes out an 18-point list of what she can and cannot do if she is to be his wife.

Lynn, 53, a legal secretary from Nevada, started dating Avery, 56, in September 2016 after sending him a letter of support, which turned into a penpal romance, before she began regularly visiting him at Waupun Correctional Facility, Wisconsin.

They quickly got engaged and, in one rambling letter - strewn with grammar and spelling mistakes - Avery told Hartman how lucky she was to have him as a potential husband.

Avery, who is serving a life sentence without parole for murdering Teresa Halbach, told Lynn she must destroy or burn the letters.

In one he wrote: "Hello honey. Well I do miss you a lot and love you as a wife. I wish you can see that I am the best guy in your life.

"I do take all your punishment that you give me because I can handle it from my wife.

"When I get out I will give you a good life and I will! And I see you donít know what to do because you never met a guy like me.

"You canít handle a good guy like me with all this love for you, and I can hear it in your voice, you canít believe I am still here with you."

But he soon turns controlling and lists 18 rules Lynn must follow in order to be a "good wife" - including never showing anyone his letters and always answering the phone to him.

He orders her: "When I call you will pick up the phone, you are only a housewife."

Avery would blow hot and cold in his error-strewn letters, once revealing to Lynn: "Well I ben up all night, I canít sleep at all, I was think about you all night and it really hurts me and I got up and made me a cup of coffee and it was strong. I made it at 5.00amÖ I am looking at your picture and you look so beautiful and loving and I know you love me and do!"

Yet in another correspondence, he warns his future wife that if she ever publicly revealed the letters, he would wrongly claim to everyone that she and daughter Kamilia were on drugs.

He writes: "If you tell any one of this letter or any other letters I will go and tell the world you and the kid is on drugs then the ho world world will know that too! So all you have to do is love me and treat me as your husband, and are (sic) life will be fine forever!!!!! I donít want to hurt you or your kids. So you have to promiseÖ you will help us forever.

"I am hurt that you are doing this to me, not mad, hurt, more hurt you donít understand what this is doing to me when I love you as the ho world! Thatís way (sic) I get mad!"

Avery won the right to appeal his sentence last week - following his high profile involvement in true crime documentary Making A Murderer which showed alleged ineptitude in the original murder investigation and prosecution.

Lynn claims she has been hounded by Making A Murderer fans after they split over her appearance on the US talk show, Dr Phil, discussing their romance.

His attorney Kathleen Zellner said that Avery had dumped her, when in fact it was the other way round, as Lynn couldnít take the cyber abuse any longer.

On a postcard - that was returned to her - Lynn wrote: "I cannot continue to be involved with you because there is so much negative for me. They have ruined my lifeÖ I canít do this anymore. I feel like you donít even want me to leave the house. I am chased, I am harassed, my family is harassed."

In response, Avery said says he is going to write to other women and find himself a new girlfriend.

He said: "So I guess you donít want me looking at your pictures no more so you donít want me to think a lot you night! So you took everything way from me, the phone, the pictures, my love for you, so I donít know what you want me to do. so I am writing to all these other woman and can get a nice one how (sic) love me for me and not money, so I feel good in a good woman for me and love me!"

Now Lynn has joined a Facebook group called "Steven Avery Is Guilty" and says he should be locked up for good, adding: "I believed he was innocent, and I believed in the cause to help free him. I think the rest just snowballed because he called so often and wrote so often, I barely had time to think of anything else.

"He is a lot more clever than people think. He has hundreds of thousands watching his case and two producers as well as an all mighty attorney working for him too. Iím just glad I was strong enough to admit I was wrong and break it off.

"As soon as I stopped answering his calls, the threats started and the true Steven Avery presented himself to me. I know he is guilty as charged and right where he belongs.

"He is not a good man and he is not innocent. He is a violent criminal who is right where he belongs."

In response, Steven Avery's attorney said: "There is no credible evidence these letters were written by Steven Avery.

"Forged letters have been attributed to Mr. Avery in the past.

"Ms. Hartman needs to move on with her life ódevelop some hobbies or do something helpful for someone else.

"She has wasted too much time obsessing over a man with a life sentence. Mr. Avery has moved on and wishes her well."