Political scientist: in the statement of the Russian representative at OPCW there is an intrigue


There is evidence that the provocation in the Duma was planned by British special services, Russia's permanent representative to the OPCW stated. Political scientist Alexei Zudin on Sputnik radio said that the mention in this regard of the UK was not a surprise.

Russia has irrefutable evidence that the alleged incident with chemical weapons in the Syrian Duma was staged and was planned by Western intelligence agencies, said Russia's permanent representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Alexander Shulgin.

"All this is a planned provocation by the British intelligence services, possibly with the participation of their senior allies from Washington to mislead the world community and justify aggression against Syria," he said.

Earlier, the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said that the video about the first aid rendered to the "victims" of the chemotherapy in the mass media and social networks is a dramatization.

He stressed that the Russian military managed to find participants in the filming and talk with them. Konashenkov also noted that much indicates involvement in this provocation by the British special services.

The West reacted to reports of the use of chemical weapons in the Duma by military action. On the night of Saturday, the United States, Britain and France fired over a hundred missiles in Syria.

Vladimir Putin called the incident "an act of aggression against a sovereign state, which is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism."

Political scientist, a member of the expert council of the Institute of Social, Economic and Political Studies Alexei Zudin commented on the situation on the radio Sputnik.

"The Russian representatives already had beforehand actual evidence that the incident with the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Duma was a staging, and specific people were found, including the doctor at the hospital where everything was happening." He told how the White Helmets broke in, scared everyone shouting about chemical weapons, filmed a panic on the video and then retired, this doctor identified himself on the video that the White Helmets then posted on the Internet.The statement made today by the Russian ambassador to the OPCW is the next step and step ogichny ", - said Alexei Zudin.

According to him, the mention of the connections of Syrian "White Helmets" and Great Britain did not come as a surprise.

"The United Kingdom in this context did not sound unexpected: it is known that it is in this country that the White Helmets headquarters are located, already known for their participation in other staging events on the territory of Syria.Therefore, the message that Russia has evidence of involvement of the British special services to provocation in the Duma is already an official accusation against the UK In this situation there is intrigue, it's not that London will answer - of course, in any case, he will deny everything, even the most obvious things. m, which will be further announced by Russian representatives - although, in principle, and what has already been made public is quite enough, "Alexei Zudin believes.

The White Helmets organization is committed to protecting the peaceful population of Syria with political neutrality and non-involvement in armed actions. On the Internet in recent years, laid out videos on which people in white helmets save children from the rubble. However, in parallel appeared video, where you can see how the same "White Helmets" create production videos, putting the make-up on the victims, dictating that they should speak.

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