A STALKER who bombarded a TV star with creepy messages has said Davina McCall is his new "number one sweetheart".

Robert Keegan was filmed outside a court where he was appearing accused of stalking another telly host.

Paralympic Games host Sophie Morgan said she was left too scared to stay in her home after Keegan bombarded her with creepy messages, a court heard.

He was handed a suspended jail term and was barred from going anywhere near Sophie, according to reports.

But in footage obtained by The Sunday Mirror creepy Keegan, 33, is heard calling ex-Big Brother host Davina, 50, his "sweetheart".

He said outside Camberwell Green Magistrates Court: "Iím a sucker for a sweetheart. And right now my number one sweetheart is probably Davina McCall.Ē

He then goes onto say he would "still forgive you", adding: "You could have me if you wanted.Ē

It is thought he is referring to victim Sophie.

Sophie - paralysed in a devastating car crash when she was 18 - said she was sent almost daily messages by Robert Keegan on Instagram.

Keegan, who had never met the TV host, is said to have told her he wanted to take her out of her wheelchair and carry her around "because it would be romantic".

As well as hosting Channel 4's Paralympic Games coverage in 2012 and 2016, Sophie explored the issues behind the crash which left her disabled in BBC Three documentary 'Licence To Kill'.

Last month Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, 32 opened up about her stalker ex nightmare - revealing it's caused her to become "too scared" to take her beloved dogs for a walk.

The Sunday Mirror says it has passed details of Keegan's comments about Davina to her representatives.