The Islamic State (IS) group has been mounting noticeably more attacks in Somalia in recent months, following the group's loss of its "caliphate" heartlands in Syria and Iraq late last year.

In a major claim on 25 July, IS said it had killed or wounded 14 Somali soldiers in a bomb attack in Lower Shabelle in southern Somalia.

BBC Monitoring has collected data on IS attacks in Somalia from January to July 2018 that reveals interesting trends about the group's activity in the country.

Most of the attacks that IS has claimed in Somalia were labelled as targeted "assassinations" against Somali intelligence and security personnel, with some of them filmed taking place in broad daylight in public.

And while the group had initially claimed many of the attacks in the south-western city of Afgoye, most of its latest claims were reported in the capital Mogadishu.

Despite IS's growing activity in Somalia this year, it remains eclipsed by its arch-rival al-Shabab, which is backed by al-Qaeda.