SLEAZY Sir Philip Green is caught on film kissing a grimacing worker as she sits nervously on his knee.

Video footage also shows the leering tycoon stroking and tickling the clearly uncomfortable young woman while clutching a champagne bottle.

As he paws the worker, the Topshop billionaire repeatedly refers to her as “Naughty”.

Green, 66, has been accused of using gagging clauses to silence sex harassment and racism claims by ex-staff.

A body language expert said it was obvious the woman, in her 20s, felt “deeply uncomfortable” and at one point held her hands up — a sign she wanted him to stop.

Psychologist Darren Stanton said: “It’s clear she wants to get away as fast as possible.”

Critics are calling for Green to be stripped of his knighthood over claims he paid off ex-staff who made sexual harassment and racism allegations against him — then used gagging clauses in their agreements to silence them.

And in America police are investigating a pilates teacher’s claims she was inappropriately touched by the tycoon at a ranch in Arizona.

But the footage revealed by The Sun today is the first time Green has been caught on film behaving in a sleazy and inappropriate way towards a female member of staff.

The married dad of two was being filmed as part of a farewell message for a senior PR executive.

In the footage Green says to the woman as she sits on his lap: “Didn’t think you were going to get so lucky did you?”

She forces a laugh and says: “So lucky!” She then turns to the cameramen and urges: “Come on guys.”

Green then addresses her as “Naughty” and asks her if she has everything she wants relating to her job. He then asks: “Will you keep in touch with me?”

She replies: “Yes.” The camera crew carry out a sound test as Green impatiently asks: “If this is my sound test . . .  have you guys ever taken a f***ing picture before?”

Green then starts stroking the woman’s hair back from her face, touching her forehead.

The pair then discuss what Green plans to say in the goodbye messages before he begins tickling the woman, lightly pinching her back and making a “chooch, chooch, chooch” sound.

The woman is clearly feeling awkward as she turns to the cameraman and asks: “OK?”

Green then films his message to the ex-employee, saying: “Well it looks like this is the final goodbye, how sad.

“We’re very upset that you’re leaving us but I think that somehow we’re going to manage. Naughty is now going to look after me instead of you.”

He then pulls the woman into his body, holding her around the neck and pushing their faces cheek-to-cheek before planting three kisses on her face. She quickly stands up and moves away, saying: “OK done.”

The cameraman then asks Green to record a clip alone.

But after the woman asks Green if he can manage on his own, he tells her: “I don’t know yet. You better stay.”

At the end of his second goodbye message he pulls the woman back towards him and into the shot.

He caresses her face and adds: “Keep in touch. But in the meanwhile I’ve got Naughty. Lucky me.”

As filming ends Green can be heard off camera saying: “Naughty, that was good fun.”

The footage was recorded in the executive board room of Green’s central London office.

Sex harassment and racism allegations made against Green by ex-staff were revealed last month after he dropped a legal battle to stop the Daily Telegraph publishing them.

It was claimed he groped a senior executive and called her a “naughty girl” before paying her off with more than £1million.

He also reportedly told a black employee he was still “throwing spears in the jungle” and called a Chinese visitor “Mr Ching Chong Charlie”.

Green’s lawyers deny his conduct towards employees was criminal, amounted to gross misconduct or a health risk.