A MYSTERY diner has been revealed as Britain’s grumpiest Tripadvisor reviewer who is responsible for hundreds of scathing one-star reviews.

Reviewer ‘denthecard’ has posted countless negative reviews for pubs and restaurant both in the UK and abroad.

Landlords and chefs are calling for action over the mysterious diner who has earned a reputation for leaving scathing one-star reviews.

The headlines of his reviews include "disgusting," ''revolting'' "appalling'' "yuk", ''wipe your feet on the way out'' and 'shocking''.

Despite visiting otherwise highly rated eateries he slams the food as 'cheap and nasty' and staff as'obnoxious', 'chavs' and 'oiks'.

He also calls customers and waiters ''literate builders' and mocks the ''feral, uncouth beasts on both sides of the bar''.

His Tripadvsior profile shows he is from Birmingham and has travelled 170,00o miles around the world including America, Australia, Malaysia and most of Europe.

But most of his stinging reviews he has posted since 2010 he reserves for dozens of pubs and restaurants in Cornwall and Guildford - as well as Portugal and Thailand.

He occasionally gives a good review but most moans about 'chain-smoking', 'soap-dodging' staff and frequently slams 'rude' publicans.

Restaurant owners are now calling for him to be removed from TripAdvisor as he is costing them business and they are ''powerless to stop him and it shouldn't be allowed."

Denthecard wrote of one pub: "From the imperious bar lady puffing on a fag outside with the other chavs, it gets worse.

"All stop at shift change on a Saturday at 14.30, where everyone hides. Just lovely. Cheap and suitably nasty. Never again. Wipe your feet on the way out."

The landlord of the The Wheel Inn in Travellian was one of the few to respond to denthecard when he wrote the following: "Food was OK, if you like half a rain forest of rabbit food.

"Nice people present, lovely staff. Poor selection of beers. Obnoxious "publican". If you ain't Cornish, don't bother!

The landlord of the Wheel hit back: "'Obnoxious'. I don't know if you were referring to me or my other half, could have been either, and this comment concerned me as neither of us would wish to come across in that way.

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"So I had a look at the many reviews you have posted on locations worldwide. Many of the local venues I know, and I was astonished.

"The number of times you used the words 'obnoxious', 'arrogant' and 'feral' was amazing. You seem to encounter 'poor' service so often - I wonder what that says?"

The Hawkins Arms in Probus regularly tops the list of pubs in Cornwall on TripAdvisor, but it was not spared denthecard's ire.

He wrote: "Food is quite good, if a tad pretentious. Service a little difficult, obviously we were interrupting a nice chat. Sorry about that. Drinks overpriced and of unacceptable quality."

His reviews extend beyond pubs and restaurants, in one scathing critique gym staff at the Waterworld leisure centre feel his wrath.

"Well equipped, with mostly nice users. However, the staff that train there are arrogant, ignorant and in need of soap. Quite unacceptable."

Staff needing soap seems to be a popular theme, in his review of the Offshore Extreme Hotel in Newquay he writes: "I just wish we had brought extra soap. The feral, uncouth beasts on both sides of the bar, could certainly do with some."

Further afield, customers in Bully's Pub in Bangkok get the standard write-up: "Overpriced beer and lousy food.

"Add to this, the ambience of retired Football Hooligans - and that is just the ladies. One can understand the apathy of the staff."

The owner of the Black Swan, another English pub in Bangkok get a roasting too, he writes: "The owner has one of those grating accents seen on Puppet shows.

"An omnivorous and obnoxious little Man. Very clicky, rude staff. Never tried the food, you will do well to get a drink."

Of one Guildford pub he writes: ''There is still no excuse for a pint of Guinness to be poured so quickly it ends up with a Vicar's Collar on it.

''The aggressive stare meant we simply left.'' Of the The Star Inn Restaurant in Guildford in 2016 he wrote: ''The oik with beer knowledge cannot pour a pint.

''The unwashed using the Men's toilet as a changing room don't really add to the overall ambience.'' Roger Cazaly, landlord of the Plume and Feathers in Cornwall, made headlines across the world with wonderfully witty replies to negative reviews on TripAdvisor.

He said of denthecard: "He goes all over Cornwall to some of its best venues writing the most vile things. We're powerless to stop him. This shouldn't be allowed.

"I know a lot of businesses are annoyed by what he writes. He reviewed me. I responded to him and he immediately took the review down.

"This is why TripAdvisor is becoming increasingly irrelevant. People like him can write nasty and damaging reviews but when you tackle TripAdvisor about it they don't do anything."

This isn't the first time that one-star reviews of Cornish venues have been criticised.

Denthecard doesn't always give one-star reviews.

The Harbour Lights fish and chip restaurant in Falmouth gets five stars and a "superb", as does Roskilly ice cream parlour in Padstow and the Norway Inn at Perranarworthal.

The Brewers Fayre in St Columb Major gets five stars and a "superb carvery" comment. And just to prove he can be nice, the Three Rivers Cafe in Truro also gets five stars and "best breakfast in Cornwall".