A CROONER was clobbered while he was performing at Liverpool’s world famous Cavern Club.

Shocking footage of the moment Jay Murray was dump-tackled to the floor midway through a rendition of Sweet Caroline has emerged online.

As he sings the Neil Diamond classic while strumming his guitar, a man invades the stage and grabs Jay by the legs.

The unidentified stage-crasher, wearing jeans and a jumper, then flips the singer in the air and slams him into the floor of the club where The Beatles first shot to fame.

The middle-aged attacker then proceeds to kick Jay as he lies on the floor, before fleeing.

Jay is then seen scrambling from the stage as he chases after his bearded assailant.

The Cavern Club, famed for hosting the Beatles in their early days, posted a statement on Twitter reading: "We are appalled by an unprovoked attack on one of our entertainers.

“Nothing like this has ever occurred in our 28 year tenure and hopefully never will again.

"Our excellent door staff apprehended the man and the police were called but our entertainer did not want to press charges at the time and then went back on stage to continue his set.

“Understandably shaken, but fortunately with no major injuries."

Jay took to Facebook to comment on the clip which has been shared extensively on social media.

He wrote: "So I'm finally a celeb on social media. It's kinda funny what happened - it happened so fast the f***er could have had a knife and I would never have felt it.

"Thank god he didn't cheers to all my "mates" who shared it. I'm OK just saw red so I gave him a hiding knuckles killing me know.

"The p***k was crying like a baby apologizing to me. Moral of the story be nice to one another. Happy New Year."

Jay received masses of support on social media, with people voicing their disgust at the violent act.

One wrote: "What an absolute p***k. No need to abuse anybody like that. Especially someone who is working and entertaining them. Glad he got what he deserved."

Another added: "Hope that you are OK and that idiot has been caught - don't let this ever stop you from doing what you love."

Others branded the clip "absolutely disgusting", saying they hoped the "police get involved".

After opening as a jazz venue on 16 January 1957, the Cavern Club quickly established itself as the centre of Liverpool's rock and roll scene.

Throughout the swinging sixties the club was a mecca for rock fans, frequently hosting the Beatles in the band's early years.