POLICE say up to 30 hostages in a Los Angeles supermarket siege have been freed and the gunman is now in custody.

The man, in his late teens, has been arrested after allegedly shooting his grandmother and fleeing with his girlfriend.

He was then chased by police in the Hollywoord area and ended up crashing the car outside a Trader Joe’s supermarket in Silver Lake.

He allgedly shot his girlfriend before running inside the supermarket.

Police officers were seen carrying children from the scene of the shooting while terrified shoppers escaped the Trader Joe’s store through a side window and down a ladder.

It has not yet been confirmed if there are any fatalities.

The incident began when the man’s car crashed outside the store in Silver Lake after a chaotic police chase.

The man began shooting and ran into the Trader Joe’s store where he barricaded himself inside.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the incident began as a car chase pursuit from Hollywood that ended with the man’s car crashing next to the Trader Joe’s store.

Law enforcement sources told The Times that the gunman opened fire on officers and then ran inside the store.

The vehicle was wrapped around a pole and police rescued a woman left inside, according to reports.

Devin Field, a writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live, tweeted he was walking inside when a car crashed into the entrance and a man “got out shooting.”

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