AN SAS sniper killed an ISIS boss from 1.1 MILES away with a single shot, it has been reported.

The sharp shooter hit the target in the chest after tracking him from distance in Afghanistan.

It has been hailed "the greatest ever long range kill by an SAS member", according to the Daily Star.

The jihadi, who was on a US and UK kill list, died instantly.

A sergeant and veteran of the fighting in Iraq and Syria killed the terrorist with a single round from a .50 Calibre machine gun, the site reports.

His gun has reportedly been decommissioned and sent back to Hereford to mark the incredible shot.

Insiders claim the shot was the longest kill ever by a member of the elite force.

A source familiar said: “The .50 Cal has got a phenomenal range and is very accurate even though it is almost 40 years old.

“The sniper fitted a special sight to the machine gun and got a spotter to estimate the wind speed.

“He also took into account the heat of the day and the light. The image of his target was quite ‘watery’ because of the heat being given off from the ground."

The source added: “The Islamic State commander was briefing his men and clearly liked the sound of his own voice because he was standing still for a least 20 minutes while his fighters sat on the ground in front of him."

They added that the jihadi's men ran away after the miraculous shot.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence told us: “We do not comment on special forces operations.”