A SUSPECTED Russian gangster has been detained in Tel Aviv after he threw punches at a cabin crew member during a horrific air rage incident.

The blundering economy class passenger furiously accused the airline of losing his mobile phone during a flight from Moscow to Israel.

A mid-flight fight broke out between the pair after the suspected Russian gang member accused a steward of losing his phoneIn fact the smartphone was later found to be in his possession all along.

But he became enraged and in and head to head confrontation shouted at an Aeroflot steward: “Where did you put it? I will f*** you up…..

“Let’s sort it out in Moscow… We’ll meet up in Solntsevo."

His threat was clear - the grim suburb of Solntsevo is notorious as the home district of one of Russia’s most deadly mafia gangs which bears the same name.

The ugly drama was filmed by another passenger.

During a tirade of foul-mouthed verbal abuse, the bearded bandit then denied throwing punches and head butting the crew member.

“I did not beat anybody,” he claimed, as he was restrained by a fellow-passenger.

“It was recorded on camera that you beat me,” replied the calm steward.

The man was later handed over by flight crew to police when the aircraft landed.

But became enraged on leaving the aircraft and had top be physically restrained - as shown by another video.

A police investigation was reported to be underway.